Monday, March 22, 2010
  • Google: Dynamic Data And Social Features Can Save Display Ads

    Display ads will incorporate a variety of social elements in future campaigns, but integrating creativity and dynamic data today can provide marketers with indispensable consumer mindshare and loyalty. The technology now exists to create these opportunities. ...Read the whole story

  • Coke Zero Finds Social Success

    Late last year, Coca-Cola tapped Mediatronica, a social media technology and services company, and syndication technology provider Conduit, for a broadly distributed "Zero" promotion. According to new data released by the soft-drink maker, Coke Zero branded content was distributed to 1 million users within 24 hours of the campaign's launch. Of all the social media tools affecting media and campaign strategies, apps potentially have the greatest impact, according to Mediatronica founder Eli Chapman. ...Read the whole story

    Social Location: There Can Only Be One

    With Foursquare the breakout star of last year's SXSW festival, a host of social location startups were scrambling to be the darling emerging from the 2010 edition of the music and high-tech hoedown. ...More

    • Google Boosts Mobile Social Networking

      With Google's across-the-board thrust into mobile of late, one piece that seemed to be missing was social networking. That started to change last month with its rollout of the mobile version of Google Buzz, the search ...More