• JVC Mobile Entertainment Creates Local Social Network

    In a first-of-its kind offering, JVC Mobile Entertainment has created a network of 84 Facebook pages that link the company's national product lines with local audio and video dealers. ...Read the whole story

  • WOM Explodes Thanks To Social Media

    Word-of-mouth marketing is soaring, thanks to social media. But to click with the public, earned media must be integrated with online and offline paid media as part of holistic brand-building strategy. ...Read the whole story

  • Clear Channel Radio Gets Daily Deals From LivingSocial

    The social commerce marketplace is booming, and broadcast radio -- with its extensive local sales presence and audience reach -- is a natural promotional partner. Clear Channel Radio has signed a deal making LivingSocial the exclusive provider of daily deals for the radio giant, reaching over 80 million listeners per week via 500 Clear Channel stations in 90 cities around the country. ...Read the whole story

The Power of Social Marketing Grabbing Marketers

According to the 2011 Chief Marketer Social Marketing Survey, 73% of respondents say they now incorporate social messaging into their campaigns, up from 64% who said the same thing last year. A further 15% say they expect to launch social initiatives in the coming year, leaving only 10% who say they will not be social 12 months from now, or who are not sure. ...More

  • Email + Social Integration: More Useful Than A Holy Grail

    Combining email and social media has become a sort of Holy Grail quest for marketers and the vendors who support them. It is an apt analogy. Combining the conversation and social spreading power of social media with the analytics and visibility of email would lend some much needed accountability to social media, increasing its adoption among companies that rely principally on email and earning it a protected line item status in the budget. As marketers, it's easy to love the potential of social media, but hard to quantify what resources to allocate to it until metrics comparing email to social ...More