Wednesday, October 19, 2011
  • JVC Mobile Entertainment Creates Local Social Network

    In a first-of-its kind offering, JVC Mobile Entertainment has created a network of 84 Facebook pages that link the company's national product lines with local audio and video dealers. ...Read the whole story

  • WOM Explodes Thanks To Social Media

    Word-of-mouth marketing is soaring, thanks to social media. But to click with the public, earned media must be integrated with online and offline paid media as part of holistic brand-building strategy. ...Read the whole story

  • Clear Channel Radio Gets Daily Deals From LivingSocial

    The social commerce marketplace is booming, and broadcast radio -- with its extensive local sales presence and audience reach -- is a natural promotional partner. Clear Channel Radio has signed a deal making LivingSocial the exclusive provider of daily deals for the radio giant, reaching over 80 million listeners per week via 500 Clear Channel stations in 90 cities around the country. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • How Social Traffic Feeds Organic Search ResultsSearch Engine Watch

      There are ways that social can drive organic traffic to Web sites outside of links being retweeted or publicly shared by influencers, according to Simon Heseltine. In a detailed post, he compares organic search listings with paid-search ads and tells us how sharing and social signals influence personalization and real-time results in organic searches.  ...Read the whole story

    • Search Engine Dissatisfaction ReportsSEO By The Sea

      What if Bing and Google added a feedback button after every search, wonders Bill Slawski. How would that impact the search results people see? He tells us about a Microsoft patent describing how a search engine may automate processes for "dissatisfaction reports" manually submitted by searchers, and how the search engine may file a seperate disatisfaction report. Some feedback that search engines receive may include Web spam reports, as well as feedback that "something is 'broken,'" or that a URL that should serve up for a specific query doesn't.  ...Read the whole story

    • Understanding Personalized Search And SEOSearch Engine Watch

      David Harry looks at how personalization influences SEO. He breaks the post into three key areas, and provides a list of topics that feed into the decision of what goes into personalized results. He attempts to provide a deeper understanding of search, information retrieval, and the SEO landscape through tips on traditional search personalization, geo-localized personalization, and a better understanding of the role of personalization of SEO in the user experience.  ...Read the whole story

    The Power of Social Marketing Grabbing Marketers

    According to the 2011 Chief Marketer Social Marketing Survey, 73% of respondents say they now incorporate social messaging into their campaigns, up from 64% who said the same thing last year. A further 15% say they ...More