• Social Changes Brand/Consumer Interaction

    Mark Donovan, senior vice president for mobile at comScore, tells "Marketing Daily," "We've gone from explaining to explaining why mobile was something that was going to be interesting to documenting a very large audience. It's still early days, but we're over the hump of mobile being active enough and large enough to warrant attention from advertisers. " ...Read the whole story

Social Media Marketing and Darwin: Can Marketers Evolve?

The media landscape has evolved tremendously over the last quarter century. Consumers have evolved even faster with the advent of high-speed Internet-enabled mobile devices and social media. Have your marketing efforts evolved with them? Marketing at the peak of the television era was relatively simple. There were broadcast shows that could give brands tremendous reach. There were also a growing number of cable channels that allowed smaller brands to afford broadcast advertising that could be delivered to more precise audience segments. It was easy for media agencies to find your target, and almost as simple to measure the response. Now ...More