• Social Marketing Drives Higher Value, Revs

    Do premium display advertising and social marketing drive product sales, media subscriptions and memberships? New research finds a direct correlation between visual and emotional resonance and higher revenue per order. ...Read the whole story

  • For Loyalty, Major League Gaming Must Be Social

    This week, "Marketing Daily" brings you exclusive coverage of the Brand Keys 2012 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. Each day, expect a full report on key product/services categories from among the 83 surveyed for this year's study, including automotive, electronics, retail and technology. This part of the fourth installment focuses on highlights from the major league online gaming category. ...Read the whole story

  • Marketers Encouraged To Break A Few Rules

    Tapping customers on technology platforms that companies can't completely control can become a bit uncomfortable, but they can do it productively, according to Josh Bernoff, SVP of idea development at Forrester Research. ...Read the whole story

Mobile Network Apologizes For Privacy Breach, Deletes Data Collected Without Consent

The mobile social network Path landed in the middle of a privacy firestorm this week, thanks to developer Arun Thampi, who learned that the company was uploading users' entire address books to its servers. "I'm not insinuating that Path is doing something nefarious with my address book but I feel quite violated that my address book is being held remotely on a third-party service," Thampi wrote in a post outlining his findings. "I love Path as an iOS app and I think there are some brilliant people working on it, but this seems a little creepy." ...More

  • The Most Important Social Media Story of the Week Was Not the Facebook IPO

    If you look back on the past week, which was the more important social media story? 1) The filing of Facebook's IPO. 2) The social media firestorm resulting from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation's decision to defund Planned Parenthood's breast-cancer screening initiatives. (You must know by now that this decision was later rescinded.) OK. You probably know where I'm going with this, but to me, the answer is no. 2. ...More