Thursday, July 19, 2012

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    • London Eye Color Depends On Olympic Tweeters The Telegraph

      tSosolimited, has been commissioned to develop an intuitive algorithm to track the sentiment of British tweeters about the Olympics by EDF Energy, the official electricity supplier to London 2012, in order to create the "world's first social media driven light show", called "Energy of the Nation" on the London Eye. At 9 p.m., there will be a 30-minute light show projected onto the London Eye. It will happen at the same time every single evening leading up to and during the Olympics and Paralympics. The colours of the lights will be dictated in real time by the mood of the ... ...Read the whole story

    • Meet Social-Video Mixer VycloneLos Angeles Times

      In the works for two years, Vyclone -- a new iOS app that takes video from people shot at the same event and edits it into one multi-angle collaboration -- just made its official debut. “You can keep the videos between your ‘crew’ of friends or choose to mix yours with angles from people you don't know,” the Los Angeles Times explains. Created by a two-man team, including the son of music legend Sting, the venture has so far received $2.7 million in seed money from Ashton Kutcher's A-GRade investments and others.  ...Read the whole story

    • Qantas Launches Hooroo Marketing Week

      Qantas has created a travel site, Hooroo, to sell accommodation via social media in an attempt to capitalize on travelers who book after seeing friends post about their trips online. Qantas says the site integrates social discovery and sharing with the ability to book accommodation directly at destinations Australia-wide. Says Lija Wilson, head of marketing for the new venture, "Travel is the most social of all categories - we all ask our friends for inspiration and suggestions and then share our experiences through our networks when we get back from a trip. Our launch strategy is centered around seeding the ... ...Read the whole story

    • Nike To 'Rise Above' Olympics On Twitter M&M Global
    • IOC Intros Olympic Athlete's Hub Online Computer Business Review
    • Managing Google+ From HootSuite DashboardHootSuite
    Why The Race For The White House Goes Through Facebook

    Now that Mitt Romney is the clear front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, we're seeing both Romney and Obama's campaigns ratchet up their advertising in an effort to reach male voters going into November. Historically, most ...More