Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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    • How To Measure Facebook Social DataSearch Engine Watch

      Conducting analysis to understand the impact of the content on Facebook brand pages is a critical factor in determining the impact on page visitors. But as Nathan Linnell explains, it's easier described than actually done. Linnell describes strategies for top-level segmentation and metrics categories that explain exposure, consumption, engagement and negative feedback. All metrics are accessible through the Facebook Insights export feature. ...Read the whole story

    • Google's Social Network Sharing OptionsSeo by the Sea

      Google+ users could present a pseudonym as their name based on the choice of using something other than their real name. Bill Slawski describes this patent, recently granted to Google. He tells us the patent describes the ability for some people to see one name, and others to see another, based on preset preferences. This type of feature would also enable sharing options. ...Read the whole story

    • Finnish Social Media Firm Moving To U.S.Gigaom

      The founders of Transfluent, a Finnish companywhich translates social media, websites and smartphone apps are about to relocate to New York. What's more, they've just picked up $1m in angel funding to set up that office, and have also opened an office in Singapore. The company has 15,000 freelancers working in 60 languages. ...Read the whole story

    • FanMail to Launch New Tools to Integrate Social Content Into EmailCincinnati.com

      FanMail, a specialist in email marketing for the entertainment industry, launches next month FanMail.fm, a new platform that allows its clients of musicians and other performers to post create targeted email messages using content previously posted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social channels. FanMail's email backend is powered by ExactTarget. ...Read the whole story

    • Winklevoss Twins Ready For ReinventionThe Wall Street Journal

      Their baaaaaack! Yes, The Winklevoss twins have reemerged as supporters of a new social network for professional investors. “Flush with at least $65 million from the settlement of a legal battle with Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook Inc., Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are backing fellow Harvard alumnus Divya Narendra, their ally in the Facebook fight, in the investment website,” The Wall Street Journal reports. So far, the Winklevosses have put $1 million into SumZero, so-called, which was founded by Narendra and another Harvard alum Aalap Mahadevia, in 2008. ...Read the whole story

    Survey Says Price Matters For Targeting Search Ads

    Marketers at mid-priced retailers and brands will miss a great opportunity to market products to affluent consumers during the holidays if they don't get off their duff and do a little research. Google Consumer Surveys and ...More

    • Multiple Digital Platforms Boost TV Viewing

      According to new research from Avid and Ovum, says George Winslow of B&C, broadcasters and media executives are generally optimistic about both their traditional businesses and the prospects of their new digital distribution channels. 75% of ...More

    • What if Social Media Existed In 79 A.D.?

      Thanks to social media and smartphones, breaking news is recorded, posted and shared with a rapidity unheard of in days past. How would past historic events have been covered had social media existed? That's the idea ...More

    • Trimming The Fat And Dropping The Pounds