The Whole Story - Mobile Use While Socializing

Mobile has enormous potential as a medium at point of purchase. ...More

  • Why Brands Need Searchable Social Content

    The majority of Twitter and Facebook users -- 83% and 71%, respectively -- expect a response from a brand within the same day of posting. Some 71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective response are more likely to recommend that brand to others, compared with 19% who do not receive any response, according to a study released Thursday. ...More

  • Super Bowl Social Videos Drive 7 Times Views; Majority of Men Watch Video on Any De-vice

    TV and digital video sway closer to each other each day. As Nielsen's online campaign ratings move deeper to becoming the currency for cross-platform measurement and agencies like GroupM push them along , there are other efforts afoot to understand how media planning and consumer habits fare across venues. That includes work from online video measurement firm Visible Measures to track cross-media lift and new insight from Break Media analyzing habits across digital video devices. ...More

  • 5 Ways To Use Twitter Data To Determine A Hit (Or Miss)

    Let's face it, even with all of the gnashing of teeth regarding changing viewing habits and outdated methodologies, TV ratings still provide the benchmark for measuring a success or failure in terms of viewership and demographics, both of which drive the almighty advertising dollar. ...More

  • For Teens Who Volunteer, Social Change Is A Bonus

    Ask a teen why she volunteers, and she'll tell you things like "to make a difference in people's lives" or "to work on an issue I care about deeply." Ask that same teen about their volunteering habits (e.g., when, where, and with whom they volunteer), and a very different picture emerges. It turns out teens' primary motivation for volunteering isn't about creating social change. In fact, it's the same motivation that drives most of a teen's behavior: their friends are doing it. ...More

  • Dutch Orchestra To Create Symphony Via Twitter

    The organizations created a special campaign site that uses a digital piano interface so composers can hear their tweets as music. Once the composer is satisfied with their creation, they can tweet a link for others to follow and listen to the piece. ...More