Monday, November 26, 2012

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      • McAlpine Going After 20 'High-Profile' Tweeters The Drum

        Lord McAlpine's lawyers have revealed that they are looking at 20 'high profile' tweeters who named the former Conservative party treasurer on Twitter, although it was said that this number could increase. Sally Bercow, wife of the House of Commons Speaker; Guardian columnist George Monbiot and comedian Alan Davies are amongst those who a spokesperson confirmed are being pursued. ...Read the whole story

      • How To Calculate A Social Media LikeHarvard Business Review

        Dan Zarrella describes his VOAL (value of a like) formula that calculates, well, the value of a like. He tells us that the first part of the formula uses unlikes per month and total likes to calculate a churn rate for social media followers. This allows marketers to come up with the average length of time that someone subscribes to a social network profile. He also points to a calculation tool that will help determine the outcome. ...Read the whole story

      • Comparing Psy With Bieber Viral VideosWordStream

        Larry Kim created an infographic analyzing Psy vs. Bieber and how marketers can tap into the growing acceptance of viral videos as content. He grades the videos based on three factors: social media exposure, celebrity support, and staying power. Kim considers views, likes, dislikes, comments and more. ...Read the whole story

      • Report: Twitter Use Could Spur Sales Red Rocket Media

        Creating high levels of engagement on Twitter is likely to increase website visits and e-commerce purchases for businesses, a study has found. Reported by, research from Twitter and insights firm Compete found Twitter users who see Tweets from retailers are more likely to visit. Twitter users also visit retail websites at a higher rate (95%) than general internet users (90%). ...Read the whole story

      • Black Friday Moves Online Business Insider

        More and more consumers are doing Black Friday online. Per a report on Black Friday online sales from IBM: The average Black Friday online shopper bought 5.6 items per order. That's down 13% from last year. The average shopping "session" length was 6 minutes and 39 seconds. That's down about 10% from last year. Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) accounted for 16% of sales. That's up from 10% last year. Mobile devices accounted for 24% of site traffic. iPads accounted for 10% of site traffic, up from 5% last year. iPhones accounted for 9% of site traffic, up from 5% ... ...Read the whole story

      • ITN Is Out With 'Citizen Journalism' Channel Digital Spy

        ITN has launched its new "Truthloader" YouTube channel, broadcasting citizen journalism reports on a range of subjects, including untraceable drug deals and UFOs over Jerusalem. Truthloader is part of the raft of original channels on the Google-owned video sharing network. Citizens, eyewitnesses and online campaigners from all around the world can submit reports to Truthloader. All the reports will be curated by social media experts and journalists at ITN Productions, before they are published on the channel. ...Read the whole story

      Smile: Instagram Finds Its Way Into The Thanksgiving Picture

      Instagram saw its busiest day ever on Thanksgiving, with over 10 million holiday-themed posts. The company is still trying to find its way into the commercial picture, however. ...More

      • Making The Most Of Your New Media Budget, Part 2

        Since more than 90% of travel planning is done online, having a compelling online presence is essential for tourism brands. When it comes to identifying priorities for where to advertise, options include pay-per-click, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, ...More

      • In The Digital World, Only Winning Counts

        When it comes to creating the optimal Web experience, nowhere are standards higher and the audience tougher than in the world of digital sports. In the same way that sports fans demand 92-inch screens, theater-quality audio ...More