Leverage Paid, Owned, Earned Media For Social Media Success

Content plays a major role in delighting a socially engaged consumer base. Strategies that actively integrate paid, earned and owned media offer a powerful cross-media concoction that can fuel the growth of a brand's social community while still being true to its audience and the brand. ...More

  • The Whole Story - Where Are We Most Social?

    The ubiquity of mobile media means the potential exists to use a cellphone to access social media anywhere, but it is more valuable to understand which locations are most dominant. ...More

  • Dark Shadows - Or, Instagram Sucked the Blood Out of My Twitter Posts

    The other day, while I was sitting in the waiting room at the pediatric orthopedist, I saw the strangest thing: it was the soap opera "General Hospital," playing on the flat screen in the waiting room. I thought that show, not to mention soap operas, was dead. But it turns out even Robert Scorpio is alive! Forgive me, but now I'll turn to the kind of soap opera that only people in social media care about. It's our own little internal drama, wherein the major platforms are fighting over photos and fretting over filters. ...More