Social Media: A Game-changer For Relationship Marketing

For the past 12 years, my focus and interest has been Relationship Marketing, specifically Patient Relationship Marketing. It has been the allure around building, segmenting, and leveraging a database of qualified patients, usually suffering from disease states where they could benefit from high quality information. DTP and healthcare RM has been an interesting integration of disciplines, converging to create measurable marketing initiatives that demonstrate ROI for brands and businesses. ...More

  • Twitter's Vine Shows That 6-Second Video Is Not 'The New 140 Characters'

    Twitter's newly released Vine app tries to bring the spirit of the 140-character text post to video. This may prove to be a more promising platform for marketers than for users, however. ...More

  • Help! Intuit, Stride-Rite And Trupanion Won't Stop Stalking Me!

    Lately I feel like I'm being stalked. Not by anyone truly harmful, but by a troika of behaviorally targeted ads that miss the mark. It's not because I haven't recently visited the sites for the products that now follow me on the Web. I have. But if behavioral targeting is supposed to be some sort of silver bullet -- on Facebook and elsewhere -- I'm amazed at how it routinely fails to recognize whether I'm still in the purchase funnel, or was ever there in the first place. ...More