Friday, October 9, 2015

Around The Net

  • Toyota Looks To Online Video To Reach Light TV ViewersAdExchanger

    Dionne Colvin-Lovely, national director for traditional and new media at Toyota, says reaching light TV viewers and multicultural audienes is  part of the reason behind hooking up with AOL, but it's looking for regional platforms to also reach that segment, too.  ...Read the whole story

  • Dick Costolo Takes His Talents To HollywoodBloomberg

    What’s Dick Costolo been up to since stepping down as Twitter’s CEO, earlier this year? Well, at least part of his week is spent as a contributor to the writers’ room on the HBO show Silicon Valley, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. “Dick Costolo, a onetime stand-up comedian, says he's spending a couple of days a week working in the writers room for the third season of the tech-industry parody show.”   ...Read the whole story

  • Canadians: Wary Of Digital AdseMarketer

    In Canada, most ad media are trusted by majorities of Internet users—except digital. And even if the ads are for products they use and love, Web users tend to be uncomfortable with them. For example, 63% feel somewhat or very "uncomfortable" about pre-roll and 56% say all types of digital ads are not trustworthy. (By comparison, 53% have a high level of trust in newspaper ads.) ...Read the whole story

Strategy: Wait For All Ratings - And Lose Some Program Buzz?

Happy with the new broadcast TV season and your new shows? Or do you need to wait three days? Maybe seven? Or perhaps 35, to find out how popular the shows really are? ...More