Friday, January 20, 2017

    Around The Net

    • CNN Is Looking For An Honest Fake News ReporterVice

      On Thursday, CNN Media posted a job listing looking to hire a senior writer whose entire job would be to chase down stories like the one that aide to a Maryland lawmaker planted about Hillary Clinton buying fraudulent ballots in Ohio or the one about her being involved with a pedophile ring in the basement of a DC pizza restaurant. ...Read the whole story

    • Channel 4 To Dedicate A Week Of Programmes To Fake NewsThe Guardian

      Channel 4 will run a week of programming on the topic of fake news next month, including regular debunks from its news team and a panel show mocking viral falsehoods. Reports, interviews and discussions on Channel 4 News through the week will explore the phenomenon of false stories purporting to be real news, with input from the programme's FactCheck team. ...Read the whole story

    The Magic Of Donald Trump

    On the morning of his inauguration, I can't help but reflect on how magical Donald J. Trump truly is. And by that I don't mean how he has cast a spell over many Americans, but how ...More