Friday, July 22, 2016

Around The Net

  • AOL Quietly Invests $500 Million In Programmatic TV Advertising Forbes

    AOL has gone all in on programmatic advertising and is trying to bring programmatic to television. It's already piloting efforts in Australia and Canada to aggregate and sell ad blocks across multiple networks, targeting specific audiences. Tim Mahlman, president of AOL Platforms, tells Forbes that the company has spent $500 million on the technology so far. "In the digital media sphere, more than two-thirds of advertisements are currently purchased programmatically, typically in real-time auctions, allowing marketers to target ads to the audience they’re seeking, and publishers to optimize their inventory. For consumers, it should mean advertisements that will be interesting ... ...Read the whole story

  • Sky Sports To Offer Free Broadband As Battle With BT Escalates Campaign

    Sky Sports is offering free Sky Fibre as part of its marketing push for the start of what it calls its "biggest season ever" of Premier League football, which includes a record 126 live TV games and digital video clips for the first time. BT's broadband customers have had free TV football since 2013. It has 42 live Premier League games this season. ...Read the whole story

Will Changes At Fox News Channel Cut Into Revenue, Branding?

Fox News Channel carries big brand and financial weight for the entire 21st Century Fox company. What will happen in the next few years with its long-time leader on the outs? ...More

  • The Ladies And The Trump

    In all great political dynasties -- say, the Trumps, Bushes, Kennedys, Corleones,and Clintons, among others -- there are always "I, Claudius"-meets-"House of Cards"-like elements of infighting, intrigue and betrayal. ...More

  • Cord-cutters (And Nevers) Getting Common, GfK Says

    A new report says 25% of U.S. households don't subscriber to a pay TV service, and for 17%, over-the-air is all there is ...More

  • Time To Play The Trump Card