• GroupM Enters Audience-Buying Market, Unclear Whether Xaxis Will Address TV Too

    Years after most of the major agency holding companies have launched or spun-off branded audience-buying platforms, WPP's GroupM this morning said it was entering the game with a new company dubbed Xaxis. GroupM said Xaxis would combine all of the "demand-side data" and technology resources of WPP, and combine it with the "trading leverage" of GroupM's agencies into a "single comprehensive resource." ...Read the whole story

  • Bollo Heads Marketing For TVB

    Michael Bollo, who has considerable experience in Spanish-language broadcasting, has joined the TVB as vice president, marketing and business development. ...Read the whole story

  • Women Feel More Stressed Yet More Powerful

    Nielsen looked at women in 21 countries, and found that almost 80% of those respondents in developed countries say that the role of women will change, and 90% say it will be for the better. Women in emerging markets are more likely to believe their daughters will find better opportunities than they did. ...Read the whole story

  • Aunt Jemima: Video Response Prompts TV Effort

    That approach came about because the marketing team was so impressed by the "passion and pride" the employees feel about the products, and wanted to share that with consumers, explains Brandi Unchester, senior brand manager, frozen and refrigerated breakfasts, Pinnacle Foods. ...Read the whole story

  • E! Goes Red Carpet For Comic-Con

    Comic-Con has generated more star power in recent years, as Hollywood has premiered sci-fi-type series there, while looking to generate some grassroots buzz. E! will stream a red-carpet event at the annual convention, in conjunction with SyFy, in July. ...Read the whole story

  • Subscription TV Resists Cord-Cutters

    Though new consumer electronic devices/digital video services are making inroads with TV programming, subscription television is still the dominant TV service for consumers -- cord-cutting trends are not yet a threat. ...Read the whole story

  • Outdoor TV Bows 10 New Shows

    Outdoor TV is unveiling ten new shows for its third-quarter programming line-up, including an array of reality series about hunting and the outdoor life. The new HD programs join 73 other programs set to return to Outdoor with all-new episodes. ...Read the whole story

  • ABC's Reality Shows Trounce Rivals

    ABC's "The Bachelorette" and "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" continue to gain traction this summer. "The Bachelorette" gained almost 10% week-to-week -- now at a Nielsen 2.5 rating/7 share among 18-49 viewers, up from a 2.2 rating. ...Read the whole story

  • IHOP Campaign Says 'Make It An IHOP Day'

    "The 'Make it an IHOP day' campaign taps into something that our guests have told us: That starting or finishing their day with great food and a great experience at IHOP makes their whole day better," Joe Adney tells Marketing Daily. "The new campaign is designed to build an emotional connection with guests through a 'pay it forward' feel." ...Read the whole story

  • 'Marriage Ref' Hangs In, Cable's 'Skies' Fall

    Network prime-time television was generally pretty lackluster on the last Sunday in June; cable shows weren't exactly stellar either. The second episode of TNT's "Falling Skies" went 25% lower from last week. ...Read the whole story

  • Chiquita, 'Rio' Web Partnership Delivers Big Results

    "We wanted a smart yet engaging media campaign around the Chiquita Rio Web site that could provide trackable, measurable results for our brand," aid Craig Stephen, vice president North American Bananas and Fresh Select. To reach the target audience -- parents and their children -- Gotham Direct targeted top online parenting sites. ...Read the whole story

Impressions Are Becoming Less Impressive (A Story Of GRP)

If you want to understand the limits of TV ratings points, then consider this classic tidbit from TV lore. In the late 1940s, the water levels in Detroit reservoirs would plummet on Tuesday nights, from 9 to 9:05. Upon investigation, the Detroit authorities figured out why: Milton Berle's Texaco Star Theater ended at 9, and "it turned out that everyone waited until the end of 'Texaco Star Theater' before going to the bathroom." (That's a quote from Berle's autobiography.) ...More

  • On The Enjoyment Of Headlines

    I enjoy headlines more than most. I appreciate the art of the headline, the (sometimes) drama, and the (often) silliness that provides a break in the day. A good headline should be informative, quickly, whether introducing the news or commercial content -- of which advertising is one form. ...More

  • NFL Looks To Add Another TV Package

    Through thick and thin, in bad and good overall TV markets, the NFL has endured well for its TV partners -- especially when it comes to TV advertising. Wildly strong gains were achieved this year -- amid an overall strong TV advertising market. In poor years, like in 2008 and 2009, the NFL still posted gains when every one else took cutbacks. Who's to think that anything will slow this train down? ...More

  • TV, Transformed: What Digitization Brings To Brands

    Video ad campaigns delivered online give advertisers the ability to understand who is watching, how much of it they are watching, and how different creative and format types are impacting viewer engagement. These actionable insights provide brands the opportunity to get an immediate and accurate snapshot of campaign performance, and develop more effective creative based on viewer behavior and needs. ...More

  • Got Data? Find The $tories

    I'd say that what the industry does best -- what everyone has in common, whatever our role is in the ecosystem -- is tell creative stories. But the biggest challenge for all of us in the media business has always been to identify the right audiences for our stories: for networks to find viewers who connect with their programming and for agencies and advertisers to find the narratives that most matter to their brands. With the abundance of analytics now available to networks and marketers -- second-by-second ratings, household purchasing data, census-level demographics -- it should be easier than ever ...More

  • The New 63-Minute Show: Super-Sizing TV Ain't What It Used To Be

    For TV advertisers, going long -- in football parlance, running the clock -- is always a disruption Current TV's hour-long "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" has been doing this regularly, running a few minutes into the next hour, for 63 minutes in total. All this presumably to cut into the viewership of other news shows after "Countdown," like the similarly targeted MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show." ...More

  • Warning: Video Time Machine for Web and iPad Will Eat Your Night

    "This is really addicting," I admit to my wife after more than an hour of my distracting her from reading with a new iPad app called Video Time Machine. From gangster films of the 1930s to Ford commercials of the mid 60s, Wonderama in the early 70s to Chet Huntley explaining to Dick Cavett why he was signing off from the Huntley Brinkley Report, this app is a trove of historically indexed video for the hard and softcore media mavens. ...More