• Craft Brewer Presents 'Least Interesting Man'

    Craft beer brewer Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado is extending its low-budget "Truth in Beervertising" TV campaign with two new spots parodying big-brand beer advertising. ...Read the whole story

  • ANA: TV Media Budgets Up, Aided By STB Data

    New research from the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester shows 76% of marketers plan to keep their media budgets stable in 2012. About half (47%) of all budgets will go to TV. That's a 6% bump. Marketers are intrigued by the possibility of TV measurement systems based on set-top-box data. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Retrans Fees Soar 27%

    Average monthly retransmission fees that TV stations get from cable, satellite, and telco video services continue to climb. Now the average monthly fee is about 33 cents per subscriber per month, as of the third quarter 2011, up 27%. ...Read the whole story

  • DirecTV Gains In Revenue, Subscribers

    DirectTV grew healthy U.S. revenues -- but with a smaller number of new subscribers -- during the fourth quarter 2011. For the year, DirecTV ended with a 3% gain to 19.89 million U.S. subscribers. NFL Sunday Ticket sales helped boost subscriber costs. ...Read the whole story

  • CBS' Ad Base Holds Steady, Retrans Sees Uptick

    Looking at overall entertainment revenue for the CBS Televison Network, its studios, distribution, CBS Films and its interactive business, the company had a 1% gain to $7.5 billion for 2011. Cable and outdoor revs rose in the fourth quarter. ...Read the whole story

Jeremy Lin's Lesson For Entertainment Or Sports Success

By looking at the numbers, few NBA general managers thought that previously unknown Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin would average well over 25 points a game and lead his New York Knicks to six straight victories -- five of them without the team's two big marquee stars. What can TV programmers learn from this? While we all know the value of media research, scheduling research, and the testing of TV shows, success means more than just looking at numbers. ...More

  • Set-Top Box Lexicon: Pods

    Continuing on the commercial pod theme from the past weeks, let us now consider the common elements associated with pods. These constants help in the measurement of commercials within the pods and the measurement of full pods within a program or piece of content. ...More

  • Ad Load in Online TV Doubles in 2011

    If you've been feeling like you're seeing more ads when you watch 30 Rock online, that's because you are. Long-form online video - like TV shows - included about seven ads on average as of the end of 2011, and that's nearly double the ad load at the start of last year, according to a report releasing today from online video technology provider FreeWheel that analyzed more than 45 billion video views across sites such as ESPN, Discovery, AOL, VEVO and more. ...More

  • Aereo Joins Influx Of Low-Cost TV/Video Services

    Program packages costing consumers around $10 per month have been attracting TV business entrepreneurs. For example, Netflix basic streaming and Hulu Plus both cost $7.99 a month, and a number of local digital TV packages have been priced around $10. The trouble is that not everyone wants to pay the same freight to the program owners. Aereo, a New York City service backed by Barry Diller, is a new $12 alternative TV package looking to test the waters. This one -- in part -- tries to go where the likes of FilmOn and ivi TV went before: retransmitting over-the-air broadcast ...More