• John Dimling Speaks For Attribution, Former Nielsen Chief Goes From C3 Ratings To C3 Metrics

    C3 Metrics, a leader in so-called "attribution" modeling and analytics for online media, has tapped well-known TV researcher to lead the development and strategy for its move into television: John Dimling, the former CEO of Nielsen, and former head of media industry watchdog the Media Rating Council. ...Read the whole story

  • Carbonite Encourages Planning For Loss

    In a minute-long commercial, a bride and groom on their wedding day are treated to ominous comments from strangers and loved ones that they're going to "lose everything." (Even the limo from the service features a sign, "Just Lost Everything.") ...Read the whole story

  • Interactive, Addressable Ads Slow To Impact Marketplace

    While the TV industry has been talking about and experimenting with advanced advertising techniques such as addressable and interactive ads for years, little progress has been made in deploying such approaches widely. A new study from Deloitte concludes that it will be more than five years before they gain traction, pegging the current market for advanced TV ads in the U.S. at under $200 million. ...Read the whole story

Maybe The Oscars App Needs More Slime

As awards season comes to a blessed close, apps are still experimenting with the right mix of content, social media and engagement tricks in their second-screen apps. ...More