• Undertone Brings Audience Guarantees To Online Video, Offers Cash-Back Unless Ads Are User-Initiated

    As the lines continue to blur between conventional TV and online video advertising, yet another TV ad convention is going online: upfront audience guarantees. In what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind offer, Undertone has quietly begun guaranteeing advertisers delivery of the most premium online advertising video formats: so-called "user-initiated" video ads. But unlike conventional TV audience guarantees, which normally provide advertisers "makegood" audience impressions, Undertone's new Video Guarantee will give cash-back to advertisers for campaigns that do not deliver the audiences they contracted for. ...Read the whole story

  • Kids Stick WIth TV, But Nickelodeon's Numbers Still Down

    Despite growing use of mobile devices, one Wall Street media analyst believes total kids' viewing continues to climb on traditional TV. But that hasn't comforted Nickelodeon, which witnessed a drop in Nielsen rating by up to 20% starting last fall. ...Read the whole story

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Unconventional: Did TV Coverage Turn Political Conventions From News to Scripted Series?

As the 2012 political conventions come to a close, we thought we'd look back 60 years, to the 1952 conventions -- the first time the conventions were telecast to a national audience. Television was in its infancy, the United States was in the midst of the Cold War era, McCarthyism and anti-Communism were on everyone's minds, and incumbent President Harry S. Truman had decided not to run. Absent in 1952 were the hundreds of consultants, lighting designers, focus groups, stylists, and other modern-day staples of the political process. Here are some of our Archive of American Television interviewees speaking about ...More

  • Social Media And TV Viewership: Where's The Valued Intersection Now?

    Place a value on this: viewers of MTV's "Video Music Awards" last Thursday posted three times more social media messages than a year earlier --19.2 million versus 5.6 million, according to Trendrr. But the show's actual viewers fell by half - from 12.4 million to 6.1 million, according to Nielsen. ...More

  • What will media buying look like when TV and online video converge?

    A steady stream of recent data illustrates continued torrid growth of video advertising relative to TV advertising, the difficulty of reaching certain demographic segments (particularly younger demos) viaTV as they choose to consume their video content online, and the resulting importance of developing unified plans and buys for video and TV advertising.Media industry forecaster Magna Global Intelligence recently projected that digital video advertising will grow 28 percent this year, a rate six times faster than the growth of the total US advertising market.Programmatic buying of digital advertising is growing at an even faster growth rate of 39 percent, according to ...More