• Everybody Ghosts, Sometimes
    There seems to be a general consensus that "ghosting" - basically disappearing from someone's life after a brief social media or text message, is not really acceptable behavior.
  • Millennials Don't Like Ads In Social Feeds
    While millennials are generally pro-technology and big fans of media, it will come as no surprise that this warm embrace does not extend to advertising.
  • Trump Supporters Most Aggressive Online
    Donald Trump supporters are some of the most aggressive social media tub-thumpers, according to a new survey.
  • Half Of Teens Have Been Bullied Online
    Half of teenagers (48%) said they have experienced online bullying via social media, and eight of ten say they know someone who has been cyberbullied.
  • Facebook Tests Disappearing Messages
    Facebook is said to be taking a page from Snapchat as it tests disappearing messages in its Messenger app, in hopes of building engagement among users worried about privacy.
  • Social Media Sharing Interferes With Memory, Learning
    From cat videos to vacation photos, social media is all about sharing content - but that core functionality may be interfering with our ability to learn and remember new information.
  • Tinder Tests Social Feature
    Tinder is testing a new social feature, which will allow Tinder users to message each other in groups. Tinder Social, is being tested with a small group of users in Australia.
  • Pot Social Network Plans Stock Market Offering
    MassRoots, a Colorado-based social network for cannabis lovers, is planning to go public with a secondary stock offering on Nasdaq.
  • Uranium Needs A Social Media Campaign, Obviously
    The Minerals Council of Australia recently launched a "pro-uranium" initiative asking people to talk about how great uranium is using the hashtag #untappedpotential.
  • Social Media Can Predict Gentrification
    Location data from online social networks can help predict which neighborhoods are about to undergo gentrification.
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