• Disney May Bid For Twitter, Too
    The Mouse is throwing his hat in the ring. Walt Disney Co., may decide to bid for Twitter, too.
  • Social Media In Turmoil
    The most troubling news comes from Facebook, which admitted recently that it had exaggerated online video viewing by its users by a substantial margin.
  • LinkedIn Unveils Redesign, New Features
    LinkedIn has revamped its Web site and added new features to help bolster user engagement.
  • YouTube Leads Facebook, Snapchat Among Teens
    While YouTube is only building out its social features now, the video-sharing site already leads the other big social platforms among teenage users.
  • Obama Hails Social Media, Warns Against Misuse In Final U.N. Address
    Social media has exploded into a global phenomenon as Barack Obama's presidency draws to a close, but he also warned that social media has a dark side.
  • Twitter Lifts Limits On Pics, Video
    Twitter has relaxed on character limits for certain types of content, including pictures and video.
  • A Quarter Of Brits Fake Vacation Photos Online
    23% of Brits admit to posting fake holiday-related content on social media, an Oasis Drinks survey found.
  • More New Car Buyers Turning To Social Media, But Auto Sites Still Tops
    More consumers are turning to social media to research new car purchases, but social still lags behind brand and third party Web sites, according to J.D. Power.
  • Teen Sues Parents Over Embarrassing Facebook Photos
    In the Austrian province of Carinthia, an 18-year-old filed a lawsuit against her parents for breach of privacy for sharing around 500 photos of her on Facebook.
  • YouTube Launches New Social Features With "Community" Tab
    YouTube is expanding its social sharing options with a number of novel features grouped under a new "Community" tab, currently in beta.
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