• Social Ad Spending Poised To Pass Newspapers
    Global spending on social media advertising will overtake newspapers within the next four years, according to the latest media expenditure forecast from ZenithOptimedia.
  • Clarkson Bows Drivetribe Network
    Jeremy Clarkson, car nut and former host of the British hit car show "Top Gear," is launching a new automotive enthusiast social network, called Drivetribe.
  • Russian Intel Used Social Media To Influence Election
    FireEye analyzed thousands of social media posts during the election and detected evidence of an online social media influence strategy similar to Russia's past cyber-warfare efforts.
  • Big Jump In UK Sextortion Cases
    According to British police, there have been more than 900 cases of Web cam blackmail in Britain this year, or more than twice the total reported for the country in 2015.
  • Trump Tweets Teen's Critique Of CNN Journo
    On Monday, a 16-year-old Trump supporter joined the candidate's attacks on CNN journalist Jeff Zeleny, who asked Trump to provide evidence of voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election.
  • Top Soccer Teams Launch Social Net 'Dugout'
    A few select institutions enjoy so much reach and loyalty that it makes sense for them to take on Facebook with rival social nets of their own - and professional soccer is doing just that. The new network allows teams and players to communicate directly with fans.
  • Facebook Breaks Linked To Better Moods, Less Anxiety
    A new study from researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark suggests that stepping back from social media has positive psychological impacts.
  • Merkel Joins Chorus Warning Against Fake News
    Another world leader is raising a red flag over fake news distributed via social media in the wake of Donald Trump's upset victory over Hillary Clinton.
  • Local Government Watching Social Media
    Scores of local governments across the U.S. have bought software to monitor social media, many of them for security purposes.
  • Twitter Blocked Trump Ad Over Emoji, Campaign Exec Claims
    A major media company is accused of engaging in politically motivated censorship for rejecting paid advertising from a presidential campaign - and that ad is an emoji.
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