Thursday, July 31, 2014
  • NEW! Bret Michaels Sings 'Endless Love' To Nissan Commercial Van

    I just picture Bret's next single: "Don't need nothin' but a good time... in my Nissan commercial vaaaaaan." Just imagine that as an episode on "Rock Of Love." Nissan launched a 4-minute video that promotes Nissan's Commercial Vehicle range but also serves as an awesome music video, where the frontman for Poison serenades "Endless Love" to a fleet of vans. His version of the song can even be downloaded for free from the Nissan website. The video takes place at Nissan's Arizona Testing Center and highlights the rigorous testing each van endures. Look closely and see six different tests (of ... ...Read the whole story

  • RockYou Raises $10M, Will Invest In Programmatic Video

    RockYou, a social gaming ad platform, on Thursday announced it has raised $10 million in financing from FastPay. The company also operates a private marketplace for programmatic video advertising and plans to use the money to fund its growth. ...Read the whole story

  • RTL Group Spends $144M For Majority Stake In Programmatic Video Ad Platform SpotXchange

    RTL Group, a large European media company, on Thursday announced it will buy a majority stake in SpotXchange, a supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic video advertising. RTL is acquiring a 65% majority stake in SpotXchange for $144 million, with the opportunity to acquire the remaining shareholding in the future. ...Read the whole story

  • NEW! Dell Introduces World To The '5-Second Filmmaker'

    What can you accomplish in five seconds? Marty Goldberg not only creates films in five-second intervals, he lives life the same way. That means fast eating, shaving only one side of your face a day -- and I don't even want to imagine how he showers. It could take five seconds to turn on the water! Goldberg is part of Dell's "Learning Meets Doing" back-to-school marketing campaign, and he's a figment of the brand's imagination. In the two-minute online video, Goldberg describes his "Goldberg Method" of directing and functioning in the world. His mother is super proud and his assistant ... ...Read the whole story

  • Medialets Now Lets Media Buyers Attribute Mobile Conversions

    Feeding the attribution frenzy, mobile ad firm Medialets on Wednesday launched Servo Total Attribution, a new tech that the company says measures all mobile ad conversions that occur on mobile apps or the mobile Web. ...Read the whole story

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