• Zefr Taps Song To Push Sales

    Zefr, which helps brands and publishers manage video assets across social media channels, is gearing up for a big sales push. Song is expected to scale the company's ad efforts and deepen its relationships with top brands and ad agencies. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Claims UK YouTube Users Watch Less TV

    Looking to shift more media executives minds to digital from TV, Google says nearly one-fifth of those watching YouTube are watching less TV. A U.K. study found 19% of YouTube viewers are paying less attention to TV and that 17% are watching less TV overall. Three percent have stopped subscribing to premium cable networks and 1% have stopped watching TV entirely. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen In Final Tests Of Mobile Ad Measurement Service

    Nielsen on Thursday said it's launching the final technical trial before expanding Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) service to mobile this summer. Participating in the test are online video ad firms BrightRoll and TubeMogul, which have both been in using OCR on a fully-integrated basis for the past 18 months. ...Read the whole story

Where's The Whistleblower? The Problem With Mobile Pre-Roll

The expected experience of mobile pre-roll is that a video advertisement will appear immediately before the editorial video content in the same video player. Much of what is being sold today does not meet this litmus test. There is much greater scarcity of mobile pre-roll than the industry recognizes -- and the market needs a whistleblower. ...More

  • Between A Rock And A Hard Place: Why TV Isn't Anywhere On The WWE Network

    The WWE Network is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Okay, that overstates the case a bit. So how about: Assessed in the broader context of human experience, the WWE Network ranks behind sunlight, indoor plumbing and relaxed-fit pantswear. But as a detail-attentive leveraging of an established media property's past and current content, it sets the standard for everything to follow. It feels like the future. A few years from now, we're going to look back on its debut as the first shot fired in a revolution. ...More

  • Can Marissa Mayer Be Brandon Tartikoff?

    The complaints from content creators about YouTube's revenue sharing structure are well-documented. And as Peter Kafka and Karen Swisher wrote in Re/Code, "having the giant YouTube dominate the online video space is frightening to many," including advertisers and producers. So Yahoo's recent announcement about developing its own high-end content programming, and the reports about its moves to acquire some YouTube stars and/or MCNs, should come as no surprise. Nor should the backlash. ...More

  • What Advertisers And Content Providers Need To Understand About Human Behavior

    A survey released on Monday showed that most people are ignorant about the way the Internet works. That wasn't exactly what it said, of course. Conducted by marketing company Gfk and reported on by my MediaPost colleague Wendy Davis, what the survey actually said was that only 35% of people agree with the statement, "I use free services online and on smartphones/tablets and don't mind if my data is potentially also used for advertising purposes." Reports like these have been coming out since our Cro-Magnon ancestors sat in a cave, fired up a computer, and logged on to the first ...More

  • Next-Generation Metrics: Assessing Brand Impact In A Cross-Screen World

    Even by the constantly innovating standards of digital media, these are fast-paced times for metrics and measurement. As IAB and the industry reinvent the metrics by which PC-based digital is bought and sold, and standardize metrics for mobile, we also realize that we no longer live in a world where things can be parceled out and measured tidily, medium by medium. ...More

  • The Most Interesting Man In The World Meets Foursquare

    He may not always check in, but when he does, it's usually on Foursquare. Yes, the Most Interesting Man in the World has made the leap to the social location service, leaving tips from exotic locales ranging from Mount Everest to... the Austin Convention Center. ...More

  • Media Viewing Habits Of The Soon-to-be Rich And Famous

    Members of Gen Y grew up with the Internet and mobile phones as a given. They see continuous connectivity as their right - there for them any place, anytime. Their media viewing habits are no different: They expect access to content whenever they want it, delivered to any screen they choose. ...More