Monday, January 16, 2017

    Around The Net

    • Internet Giants Face A Fake News Grilling At ParliamentThe Telegraph

      An inquiry into "fake news" is set to be launched by an influential cross-party committee of MPs within months amid fears that the phenomenon is undermining democracy. Executives at Facebook, Google and Twitter are expected to be called into Parliament and grilled on whether they are doing enough to stop the trend. ...Read the whole story

    • BBC Vows To Tackle Fake

      A "fake news" debunking team is to be set up by the BBC to tackle a recent increase in false news stories appearing across the Web, the corporation has confirmed. The BBC's news and current affairs editor James Harding told staff the corporation will increase its commitment to dealing with "deliberately misleading stories masquerading as news." ...Read the whole story

    • Criteo: A "Little-Known Online Advertising Engine Gem"Seeking Alpha

      Seeking Alpha called Criteo, a provider of performance-based ads or re-targeting, has been called out by Seeking Alpha, as having "built an impressive online advertisement engine which works differently than many others." Seeking Alpha described Criteo as a "leader in performance-based ads" and that despite its financial performance, "its shares are still below the all-time highs set a year and a half ago." The publication said said Criteo is "different from other online ad technologies as its business model is basically based on arbitraging between CTR ('click-through rate') and CPM ('cost per thousand'). Basically, Criteo purchases ad spaces on the ... ...Read the whole story

    • AudienceScience Lays Off Up To A Quarter Of iIts StaffGeekWire

      Programmatic advertising company AudienceScience is laying off as much as a quarter of its staff, according to a report in GeekWire which reportedly received tips that  the company was laying off employees in multiple departments. The company declined to offer a number, "but a source with knowledge of the layoffs put the number of jobs lost at fewer than 50. It is unclear which departments the cuts will affect most and which locations will feel the brunt of the layoffs. Prior to the layoffs, Audience Science employed more than 200 people," according to the report. AudienceScience's statement to GeekWire said: "The latest ... ...Read the whole story

    • 'Anime Strike' Service Debuts On AmazonThe Verge

      Amazon started its own on-demand anime outlet.  A subscription to the newly unveiled Anime Strike is  $4.99 a month. It has  1,000 anime titlles. The Verge says it is aimed at older viewers. But still no Crunchyroll available through Amazon. ...Read the whole story

    • Rooster Teeth Interactive "11 Little Roosters" Starts NowTubefilter

      The Roosters are international spies who must figure out which one of them is a traitor. Viewers play by accurately predicting plot points using QR clues ,dialogue and audio hints. ...Read the whole story

    • Netflix Users Targeted in Spam CampaignWKRN

      Cyber security firm FireEyes has warned Netflix customers to beware an email scam. ...Read the whole story

    Ringling Bros. Leaves Town For Good Come May

    After 146 years, the self-proclaimed Greatest Show on Earth is pulling up stakes this May. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, a vestige of the day when troupes of performers traveled from city to Podunk ...More

    • Samsung, SapientRazorfish Show IoT Retail Approach At NRF

      Samsung is taking the Internet of Things to retail. At the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York today, Samsung and SapientRazorfish are introducing IoT tools intended to link online and in-store shopping activities. Incorporating ...More