Thursday, October 8, 2015
  • NEW! Extra Gum's 'Story Of Sarah And Juan' Will Make You Cry

    This seems to be the week when advertising is tugging at heartstrings. First, we had Cheerios and its touching spot about a man who moves in with his daughter and her family, and now we have a beautiful love story told through gum wrappers. This isn't the first tear-jerking ad from Extra Gum; the brand launched a multiple-tissue ad two years ago about the special bond between a father and daughter. "The Story of Sarah & Juan" is set to Haley Reinhart's cover of "I Can’t Help Falling in Love," and tells the story of two high schoolers who fell ... ...Read the whole story

  • Netflix Raises Subscriber Price, Stock Price Climbs

    With TV program costs likely to rise, Netflix is raising its monthly price for its standard subscription by $1 to $9.99. The increased pricing will be for new subscribers in the U.S., Canada and some Latin American countries. ...Read the whole story

  • Sports-Minded Omnigon, Infront Tout New Int'l Partnership

    Omnigon, the New York based sports and entertainment digital services firm, and the Swiss-based Infront Sports & Media marketing company have announced a strategic partnership earlier this week at Leaders Spot Business Summit in London. ...Read the whole story

  • Vidyard Launches Personalized Video For Marketers

    Vidyard, a video and analytics marketing company, today announced the launch of its new personalized video solution for marketers. The product, Personalized Video, stems from the acquisition of Switch Merge, a San Francisco-based personalized video marketing platform. ...Read the whole story

  • ZypMedia Brings Programmatic To Politics

    ZypMedia, a programmatic media-buying platform for local advertising formerly known as ExtendTV, has announced a new political advertising tool called Target Canvassing. The tool utilizes ZypMedia's existing capabilities and platform, with the addition of a new congressional-level geotargeting capability. ...Read the whole story

  • BBC News Taps Yahoo For Video Distribution

    The BBC has entered into a video partnership deal with Yahoo, which will distribute syndicated video clips from BBC World News across Yahoo sites in North America. Yahoo will gain access to roughly 200 BBC World News short-form videos a month. ...Read the whole story

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