Friday, May 22, 2015
  • NEW! If Your Bed's Not A Rockin', Your Mattress Will Start Talking

    How can a mattress company use big data? By informing its customers that too much sleep and not enough action is taking place between the sheets. Mattress company Dunlopillo is using technology to bring couples closer together. Targeting the overworked couples who spend all day at work, dinners at home in front of their phones and laptops, the Dunlopillo mattress tracks mattress movement. And not just your typical tossing and turning, if you know what I mean. In "Listen to Your Mattress," sensors are placed around a couple's mattress to measure activity and general pressure points. When a few nights ... ...Read the whole story

  • Video Subs Grow, Thanks To OTT Biz

    Despite slipping traditional video subscriber growth, the global value of pay TV services grew by mid-single-digit percentages in 2014 -- and will continue to climb due to new OTT businesses. Combined revenues from cable, satellite, telco and over-the-top (OTT) services climbed 7% to $237 billion in 2014. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Benefits From Online Video Ads

    Traditional TV programmers and distributors continue to gain share and business from online video advertising. "Authenticated" viewing from MultiVideo Program Distributors (MVPDs) now accounts for 57% of all long-form and live viewing for the first quarter of 2015 versus the period a year before. ...Read the whole story

  • Eukanuba Campaign Focuses On Canine Longevity

    "The campaign is aimed at pet parents who, like Eukanuba, are also dedicated to providing the most astounding lives for their dogs," Javier Neves, Eukauba brand director, tells "Marketing Daily." ...Read the whole story

  • NEW! Famous Internet Memes Star In Delta's Latest In-Flight Safety Video

    It's safe to assume that more people would watch airline in-flight safety videos if they weren't bland, boring and never-ending. In an effort to remedy this issue, Delta's latest video plays on society's obsession with Internet memes and YouTube videos. Entertainment must be fast, funny and come in small clips. So the double-rainbow guy is still wowed by such an occurrence; Charlie is still biting his brother's finger; the evolution of dance continues to evolve; and the overly attached girlfriend has found a new man. Animals are also well-represented: Look for keyboard cat, Roomba cat, dramatic chipmunk and the screaming ... ...Read the whole story

  • Google Adds Buy Button For YouTube TrueView Ads

    Supporting the growing number of searches for how-to videos, product reviews, and haul videos on YouTube, Google will add a Buy button to ads on its video site in the coming months, allowing retailers to send site visitors from their product channels to their retail Web sites to purchase products. The feature is similar to the one Google added to the shopping product on Google search. ...Read the whole story

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