• Post Honeycomb Instagram Push Features Teen Idol

    Each Monday between April 21 and May 26, Honeycomb's Instagram page, @HoneycombCereal, will announce a new challenge. Fans can enter by uploading their photos or videos using #HoneycombShine. ...Read the whole story

  • RealPlayer Cloud App Lets Users Watch Videos On Any Device/Screen

    Random iPhone App of the week: Think of the RealPlayer Cloud as a Dropbox for your videos. The free app allows users to privately share videos with friends and family, back content up in the cloud, and watch or download videos onto any device or screen. RealPlayer Cloud is compatible with Chromecast and Roku, so users can watch videos on TV, home-movie style. The app offers 2GB of storage for free and additional storage can be purchased in-app. Download the free app here. ...Read the whole story

  • Amazon Prime Makes A Deal For HBO Programs, Fire TV Adds HBO Go

    HBO series and other content will be available on Amazon Prime Instant Video starting next month, and HBO Go will be added to Fire TV, Amazon's new set-top box, by the end of the year ...Read the whole story

  • HBO Shows To Air On Amazon Prime

    In a first, HBO has made a deal for the repeat airings of its original shows on new digital platforms it doesn't own -- with Amazon Prime Instant Video -- as well as perhaps taking a swipe at its closest competitor Netflix. The exclusive online-only multi-year deal for HBO shows with Amazon includes major hits such as "The Sopranos," "Six Feet Under," "The Wire" and "Big Love." ...Read the whole story

  • College Kids Cool On Tablets, Still Annoyed By Mobile Ads

    Tablets aren't so hot with the college crowd anymore. About 29% of students report that they own a tablet in 2014, representing a slight decline from 2012. The most popular model is an iPad, seen as a tool of entertainment. For classwork, students still turn to devices with physical keyboards -- laptops and PCs. ...Read the whole story

  • BrightRoll Bakes Nielsen, ComScore Ratings Into Platform, Taps BlueKai For Mobile Audience Targeting

    Programmatic video ad platform BrightRoll on Wednesday announced several key partnerships that will give its clients access to measurement data and additional inventory. The company has also struck a partnership with Oracle's BlueKai to encourage advertisers to buy mobile video ads. ...Read the whole story

  • MediaMath Inks Deals With Major Video Supply Partners

    MediaMath on Tuesday announced partnerships with some of the biggest video ad supply partners in the industry in an effort to give media buyers access to global video ad inventory. The demand-side platform (DSP) has partnered with LiveRail, BrightRoll, Adap.tv and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. In addition, the company recently tapped into SpotXchange's inventory and plans to strike a deal with StickyADS.tv and others "soon." ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook CTRs Rise 20%, Ad Impressions Soar 41%

    While user growth remains a real concern, Facebook appears to be perfecting the art of monetization. Indeed, the social giant saw click-through rates (CTRs) increase 20% between the fourth quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014, while ad impressions were up a whopping 41%. ...Read the whole story

Video Speculations On 2014 NewFronts

This year's newsfronts will be all about highlighting scarcity in premium video. While there's still something of a learning curve when it comes to video advertising, buyers know their clients appreciate the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. ...More

  • Best Video Strategy: TV Replacement Or TV Amplification?

    While some advertisers are now pursuing a video-neutral advertising strategy, in which all video impressions carry similar value, most of the incremental dollars shifting to digital video remain bucketed in either TV replacement or TV amplification. Let's examine the latest research available on each approach to try to draw some conclusions on the most relevant strategy. ...More

  • How Does Adland Solve Video Ad Problems Like Facebook Auto-Play? Should It Bother?

    Facebook's service to allow selected partners' videos to play automatically in timelines not only flies in the face of its claim to be making feeds less "spammy," it also underscores the extremely complex issue of measuring video. Digital display has been ruled on by the IAB but video has been kicked into the long grass because it's tough reaching agreement on what denotes a video being either viewable or viewed. However, one potential scenario is that the decisions are so tough that digital marketers could give up and just go back to TV's reach mechanics to sell campaigns and report ...More

  • The Rise of Private Marketplaces In Digital Video Advertising

    Private marketplace gives demand and supply partners the ability to transact video advertising programmatically, in a direct, invitation-only technology platform. So why did this trend that started in display move to video? ...More