Friday, January 20, 2017
  • How We Feel About Trump's Presidency

    During the course of our 2016 Presidential Campaign coverage, I received numerous complaints from readers expressing concern that our coverage was biased. While some of our opinion-based columns -- including my own -- have explicitly expressed our personal political beliefs, I'd like to think our news coverage remains fair and balanced, if not objective. At least, we strived for it to be. Since we surveying industry executives on their sentiment about the prospects for Trump's Presidency (see related news story), I asked our own editorial team -- our news reporting and editing staff, as well as our columnists -- to ... ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Snap Fights Charge It Fudged NumbersRe/code

      Snap was sued earlier this month by a former employee claiming the company lied about its user growth to investors.Now Snap is pushing back, claiming that the former employee, Anthony Pompliano, is not only lying about Snap’s growth, but violated his employment contract with the company by filing the lawsuit at all. ...Read the whole story

    • CNN Is Looking For An Honest Fake News ReporterVice

      On Thursday, CNN Media posted a job listing looking to hire a senior writer whose entire job would be to chase down stories like the one that aide to a Maryland lawmaker planted about Hillary Clinton buying fraudulent ballots in Ohio or the one about her being involved with a pedophile ring in the basement of a DC pizza restaurant. ...Read the whole story

    • Snapchat To Enable Ad Targeting Using Third Party DataWall Street Journal

      Snap, Inc. is looking to target people with ads using sophisticated data. "The company has signed a deal with Oracle Data Cloud, previously known as Datalogix, that will help marketers use data from offline purchases, such as supermarket loyalty cards, to target consumers with potentially more relevant ads on the increasingly popular Snapchat mobile messaging app," The Wall Street Journal reports. The partnership is designed to help marketers measure whether Snapchat ad campaigns turn in real-world sales. The report says this marks the first time Snapchat has allowed for ad targeting using third party data. The paper notes that Google, ... ...Read the whole story

    The Audience Economy And Its Impact On Healthcare Media Strategies

    Customers are demanding we satisfy their information needs as they manage and curate their own content. We have dubbed the shift to delivering messages to physicians and patients within an appropriate context, the Audience Economy. ...More