Thursday, October 28, 2010
  • In A Madison Ave. First, Havas' Adnetik Begins Buying Video Ads Targeting Individuals

    In a move that accelerates the development of an addressable video advertising marketplace, Havas' Adnetik unit this morning announced a deal with online video exchange that will enable marketers to target commercials based on the audiences they want to reach, as opposed to the programming they happen to be watching. The deal, which enables Adnetik to make buys targeting individual users on an impression-by-impression basis, is believed to be the first by a major agency holding company inserting ads into online video programming. ...Read the whole story

  • Kantar's Touts Online Track Star: Videolytics

    Rocketing growth of online video has pushed companies to offer new research measuring tools -- while some executives talk up the need for an industry standard. Kantar Video thinks it has the answer to real-time tracking and measurement: Videolytics. ...Read the whole story

  • Kantar Launches Online Video Platform, Offers Real-Time Tracking, Syndication, Optimization

    As the market for online video continues to expand, WPP research unit Kantar Video on Wednesday debuted its own online video syndication, tracking, and optimization platform. Dubbed Videolytics, the platform offers real-time tracking and measurement, including analytics -- demographic, psychographic, and attitudinal -- and visualization tools. ...Read the whole story

    Google TV Is No Short-Term Play

    There are all these buckets we try to sort video consumption into that don't make any sense anymore. Forward-looking financial projections are practically meaningless given the jarring speed by which new electronic devices are flooding the ...More