Monday, February 13, 2012
  • Online Video Drives Higher Returns On Top 10 Super Bowl Ads

    Top original Super Bowl TV commercials saw an 113% average return of their media investment because of additional online video viewership.Within the first three days, the top ten Super Bowl commercials generated an average of $862,000 in earned video impressions, according to media research company Kantar Video. ...Read the whole story

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    • Universal Breaks With Tradition To Announce $40M VOD Revenue From 'Bridesmaids'Paid Content

      Universal Pictures just announced its movie "Bridesmaids" has tracked $40 million through cable and internet VOD platforms -- big numbers that also represent one of the first time a studio has released VOD figures to the press. Daniel Frankel discusses the reasons for studios' lack of transparency -- including "the byzantine nature of the old-Hollywood accounting culture, its remnants still intact despite the corporate takeover of the studios by media corporations—the less the world knows about your revenue streams, the less you have to share them." ...Read the whole story

    Where Is The Accountability In Online Video Advertising?

    Many major advertisers feel they have more options for video advertising on cable than they do on the Internet. It's time that the accountability and transparency of traditional broadcast buys find their equivalent in the online ...More

    • Should You List Your Site On An Ad Network's Roster?

      You'd almost think that ad networks have two site lists: one to show off their best-looking websites when they court advertisers, the other to actually deliver the campaigns once they're booked. ...More