Wednesday, May 9, 2012
  • Flurry: Photo/Video Fastest-Growing App Category

    In the wake of Facebook's $1 billion deal for Instagram, the spotlight has fallen on a new crop of video-sharing apps moving up the charts like Viddy and SocialCam. The photo and video category as a whole has been the fastest-growing in apps time spent per active user between October and March, up 89% to 231 minutes. ...Read the whole story

  • Google, Microsoft Develop Separate Video Technology

    Google has developed a technique that mimics professional camera movement and applied it to videos recorded by handheld devices, such as smartphones. While professionals use tripods and dollies, panning a swiftly running cheetah at the San Diego Zoo and getting a clear picture could become quite frustrating on an Android or an iOS phone. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Forget Net Neutrality - ISPs Need CompetitionThe New York Times

      To a great extent, the future of streaming and downloadable content on the Web is what's at stake in the increasingly contentious debate surrounding Net neutrality. On one side sit the likes of Comcast, AT&T and Verizon, large Internet service providers that are doing their very best to control that future. On the other side sit the likes of Netflix, Google and a host of other media companies that want to make sure their content is accessible to all without any restrictions or disadvantages imposed on them by those who control the Web's pipes. However, according to The New York ... ...Read the whole story

    • Report: Yahoo, Others Tried to Acquire Machinima TubeFilter

      On Tuesday, All Things Digital reported that Google was looking to make an investment in the popular video game content creator, which receives most of its revenue from its channel on Google's video-sharing site, YouTube. The funding round was reported to be in the neighborhood of $30 million, which would value the company at $190 million. Since the news broke, most critics have said the move makes sense -- especially following Google's acquisition of Next New Networks in 2011. Sources tell Tubefilter that Machinima turned down a number of acquisition offers to get to this point -- including one ... ...Read the whole story

    • A History of Comcast's Anti-Net Neutrality MovesGigaOm

      Stacey Higginbotham at GigaOm serves up a history of Comcast's anti-Net neutrality practices since 2007. "No one has more power and is taking as active a stance in this business," she says. From blocking P2P traffic in 2007 -- which resulted in a slap on the wrist from the FCC -- to implementing data caps of 250 GB per customer (which it has resolutely stuck to), Comcast has made it clear that it wants to protect its business. In 2010, Comcast tried to request an additional payment from content delivery network Level 3 to deliver its traffic to Comcast subscribers. ... ...Read the whole story

    Eight O'Clock Coffee's "The Cupping Room": Drink That It Doesn't Go Viral

    If I were called upon to update a fusty brand for these wackadoodle modern times of ours, I wouldn't know where to begin. Sears, Cream of Wheat, Town & Country - these are proud, venerable brands ...More