Google Refuses To Broaden 'Right To Be Forgotten'

Google is opposing a demand by European privacy regulators to broaden the "right to be forgotten" by censoring search results worldwide. "We believe that no one country should have the authority to control what content someone in a second country can access," global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer writes today on the company's blog. ...


Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Just Like Buddy Holly & The Rain People: Road Trips From Hell?

It's the dog days of summer. Why not go back, back, back to those pre-Internet days, a time when a) people watched TV in real time, and b) every now and then a TV commercial popped ...

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Online Spin
The Power Of Reimagination

It's amazing how many things we don't question, how many critical assumptions powerfully shape the world around us that are based on muscle memory and reasons that we forget no longer exist. ...

Online Media Daily
50 Over 50? 60 Over 60? Where Is Your List?

It seems a staple of most trade magazines to run an annual story featuring 20 Under 20, or 30 Under 30, or 40 Under 40 - purportedly identifying the best people in their jobs, in that ...

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