They May Be Limited: Creston Files Suit Over Name Of New McD's Agency

Several weeks ago Omnicom and DDB unveiled their new agency, We Are Unlimited, which is dedicated to the U.S. McDonald's account, which Omnicom won after a formal review this summer. Now the firms are being sued by UK holding company Creston, otherwise known as The Unlimited Group, for trademark infringement and unfair competition in U.S. District Court. ...


Facebook Reveals More Ad Metric Snafus

Another day, another mea culpa from Facebook regarding ad-metric inaccuracies. The latest issue involves the social giant's estimated reach methodology, a tool in the ad creation flow that shows advertisers the number of users they can ...

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Forget Facebook And The Macedonians: Is Google Responsible For the Post-Truth Era?

The ad started showing up in my Facebook feed in the past weeks: "Subscribe to the New York Times," it said. "Fact-based reporting." In our current post-truth era, fact-based is now a unique value proposition. ...

Donald Trump And The Fine Art Of Being Transparently Nontransparent

That headline is a retread of one we published in March 2013: "Irwin Gotlieb And The Fine Art Of Being Transparently Nontransparent." It was originally written to describe how the GroupM chief explained the new world ...

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