IAB Unveils Anti-Fraud Effort, Forms Working Group

In an effort to make online advertising a safer place, the Interactive Advertising Bureau this morning unveiled "Anti-Fraud Principles" designed to address the proliferation of fraudulent advertising activities, including non-human traffic software scams. As part of the effort, the IAB said it has also formed a new "working group" to identify and combat "malware" and other threats to the digital advertising "supply chain." ...


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Game On: Microsoft Buys Minecraft Looking To Build Windows Mobile

Microsoft has agreed to pay $2.5 billion for the Swedish game-development company Mojang and its "iconic Minecraft franchise" although its three founders - creator Markus Persson, CEO Carl Manneh and game designer Jakob Porser - are ...

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Mobile Insider
My Car Won't Talk To Me

The next great challenge for interface designers is the connected car audio system. Plagued with a limited interface and an overly ambitious agenda of features, these things feel like early-issue digital cameras or programmable calculators circa ...

Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Truly Defective: Matthew McConaughey Captured Thinking And Driving

This is about some terrible TV commercials and one not-quite-as-bad commercial --- all starring Matthew McConaughey for the Lincoln MKC compact crossover. Every now and then comes along a campaign that defines all that is superficial, ...

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