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The Business of Storytelling: Towards Content ROI

As investment in brand publishing heightens so does scrutiny on where the money is going and how it really impacts consumer behavior and sales. In Mediapost’s second Content Marketing Insider Summit we get down straight to the bottom line. How can marketers build publishing strategies that lead to measurable results? From top level planning of what constitutes a “content strategy” to calculating ROI we interrogate the full breadth of the content economy about where and how it pays off.

We will explore:

  • Building measurable goals at the front end of determining a content strategy 
  • Choosing the channels that are both right for your brand and for your budget
  • Understanding the ways in which native advertising can work as both content distribution system and important data feedback loop for optimizing a plan
  • The economics of building and/or buying, bringing publishing in-house or leaning on your agencies for support
  • Calculating ROI on “newsrooms” 
  • Attributing sales to content initiatives
  • Determining the metrics that matter to your goals
  • Integrating owned, earned and paid media to create synergy, not fragmentation

As marketers gain unmediated access to consumers, budgets are moving quickly away from traditional media buying and towards more engaging media making. Mediapost’s Content Marketing Insider Summit will pose the question: how does being a better storyteller really move your business forward?

2014 Attendees included

Tell Me A Branded Story

“An educated consumer is our best customer,” said Sy Syms relentlessly in his TV spots for bargain clothing. Content is not just a marketing tactic. It may not even be a branding strategy. It is at heart a corporate policy to inform and lead the market you serve. Consumer brands have always had stories to tell and useful information to share. Content Marketing is as old as advertising itself. But in the last decade digital channels turned all brands into publishers by providing a more direct channel to a generation of consumers increasingly immune to the usual ad pitch. Content Marketing is not just about telling longer bigger brand stories. At the first Content Marketing Summit MediaPost explores how brands are using storytelling to add value to consumers’ lives and provide real service.

We will explore not only how brands become publishers AND why they do.  

The Summit will bring together brands, agencies and publishers that are reinventing an age old model via new digital opportunities. We will explore how a content plan informs and fits within the larger brand strategy. Who owns and manages the process across the marketer/agency/media supply chain? Newsrooms for brands are all the rage, but who really needs them and who should run them? Is so-called “native advertising” just a form of Content Marketing, or even an effective distribution vehicle for it?

Conference Content Programmer

Ross FadnerEditor, MediaPost

Quality Pledge

MediaPost strives for excellence in its coverage of media, marketing and advertising. Our mission is to engage key questions for brand marketers, media buyers, sellers and emerging platforms from a critical perspective. We choose speakers exclusively for their ability to bring this perspective and insight to our stage. All conferences and summits - in all niche categories - are programmed exclusively by proven, expert, unbiased journalists. MediaPost has never and will never engage in "pay to play" conferencing.

What people are saying about MediaPost's "Insider Summit" series...

"I left the Content Marketing Insider Summit with a fresh perspective, new friends and an even deeper appreciation and passion for content marketing. It felt a little bit like grown-up summer camp for content marketing professionals and I hope to get a chance to attend another one in the future.”
Tina Kelly, VP, Interactive Marketing, McMurry/TMG

“This Summit from MediaPost was a fantastic mix of valuable industry thought-leading content, networking and relaxation. By far, the best atmosphere for an industry event I've attended.”
Dan Fleetwood, Digital Marketing Director, SAP Global

"MediaPost's 'Insider' Summits are a fabulous way to meet industry experts, learn about industry solutions, interact with peer groups and learn about specific channels of interactive media. The contacts I have made at these events will be valuable for years to come."
Gary Milner, Director, Global Digital Marketing, Lenovo

"This Summit was one of the most inspiring and insightful events I've ever attended.  So many great industry minds all in one cozy lodge. I brought back a wealth of practical and actionable learnings that I'm already putting to great use. I can't wait to attend again."
Wayne Miller, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Zumba Fitness

“As I sat at this Summit with top thought leaders and marketers from some of the top companies in the world, I gained perspective on opportunities we have yet to leverage. The discussions and conversations, both during the sessions and offline, extended the value of the event and were just as valuable as the sessions themselves.  One cannot help but come away from this Summit with a renewed invigoration for this channel along with a list of action items to bring back to their programs.”
Ryan R. Sagan, Senior Marketing Consultant, InterContinental Hotels Group

"I learned a lot from brands I don't normally hear from at this Summit.  It was great to learn fresh new information and hear perspectives I hadn't before. I felt the vendor presentations were especially useful. I partnered with a vendor from the Summit based on conversations and presentations they showed attendees."
Chelsea Marti, Social Media Manager, TurboTax (Intuit, Inc.)

"The was a great Summit to get focused in the space, hear case studies of how others are activating, and to share perspectives on how to keep moving strategies forward."
Barret Roberts, Senior Manager, Unilever

"I’ve never been to any event where the exchange of business cards felt so immediately personal and deep, like we both knew that next week we’d certainly continue the conversation towards the real possibility of friendship and working together… sooner rather than later.  Believe me, I’m adding this Summit to the annual must-attend list."
Marty Weintraub, President, aimClear

"Without a question, one of the must-attend shows for brand marketers looking to learn from their peers & industry leaders how to execute the fast evolving best practices in this space.  Outstanding conference!"
James Citron, President, Outspoken

"Excellent event - very well run with a great mix of speakers and topics. Engaging round-table discussions and presentation types. Beautiful location and weather.  All in all, an amazing 3 days."
Eric Schmitt, Sr. Marketing Manager, American Eagle Outfitters

“I attended MediaPost's Summit and have to say it's one of the best experiences I have had at a conference.  I have been an interactive marketing executive for 12 years now and would put this right at the top of the heap.  Superb content, great speakers and incredibly informative, great work guys!”
Dan Sundgren, Senior Director, Merkle

“MediaPost's Summits are a great opportunity to meet industry experts and learn about the movement in the digital space. I returned from the 3 days with a plethora of new contacts. It was the perfect environment to learn and network.”
Megan Goett, Vice President, JP Morgan Asset Management

"This Summit from MediaPost was the best conference I've attended in my six years in marketing. There was a balanced ratio of vendors to brand attendees so the discussion was rich and the networking was second to none. Great content and really knowledge attendees.  A very well done event!"
Rosanna Martinez, Sr. Database Manager, National Instruments