• Scaling Content Marketing: How Columbia Tackles The Challenge
    Columbia Sportswear's Scott Trepanier gave a behind the scenes look at how the company targets, distributes and optimizes their branded content at scale for maximum reach and consumer engagement.
  • Native content not always buzzing. What about feedback?
    Speaking at the MediaPost Content Marketing Insider Summit, Andrew Susman, president of Studio One Networks, asked whether native content can be transactional.

    Dave Lavine, chief revenue officer of Hone, responded that it is more about communication. "All users are asking for feedback. We are saying 'we think we know what you want, and we are going to put it in front of you.'" 

    He adds: "Most people are saying, ‘You got close but you missed. Good idea; bad execution. All you needed to do is ask.' There has to be a better way to communicate.”

    Jon Lewis, vp of content for ...
  • Expedia Moves Conference To Tears
    Expedia's Jason Rubenstein's presentation to the MediaPost Content Marketing Insider Summit moved many in the audience to tears.That's okay, it was by design.
  • Tears, Clicks And What Sticks
    Studio One Networks President and Founder Andrew Susman opened the panel he was moderating at the Content Marketing Insider Summit in Scottsdale, Az., on an emotional note. Segueing from preceding keynoter Expedia's Jason Rubenstein's emotionally-charged presentation, Susman noted, "Everybody has been talking empathy [at the summit], but I don't think I've ever seen anyone crying at a trade conference."
  • The Safer Side Of UGC
    Sending a shiver down many a marketer's spine, experts are presenting talking about UGC (!) at MediaPost's Content Marketing Insider Summit. Yes, having backfired a time or two, UGC campaigns make many brands "nervous," admitted Beth Tomkiw, Chief Client Officer at McMurry/TMG. But user generated content need not put a brand's reputation at risk, she insisted. Take a campaign the consulting firm did with UPS, which encouraged customers to send in their favorite driver stories -- rather than encourage people to share their stories via social media channels. That way, the brand and partner agency were able to safely package ...
  • Rounding Home: How Coldwell Banker Used MLB To Create Empathy
    Other than an obsession with getting home, there are two other things Major League Baseball and Coldwell Banker Real Estate have in common: places where the heart is. In a keynote presentation at the Content Marketing Insider Summit in Scottsdale, Az., Vice President-Brand Engagement Davie Marine explained how the real estate brand leveraged that common narrative to create a unique form of empathy among consumers.
  • Empathy Is Key To Good Content Campaigns
    Empathy is the answer for brands looking to cut through the content clutter, according to David Marine, Vice President of Brand Engagement at Coldwell Banker Real Estate. It's about "being able to say you've walked a mile in users' shoes," Marine told attendees of MediaPost's Content Marketing Insider Summit, on Friday. It's about "telling a story about human relationships ... even between brands and people." Fortunately for Coldwell Banker, "Buying a home is an extremely emotional experience," said Marine. In practice, this translated to Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage -- a partnership between Coldwell Banker and Major League Baseball, which ...
  • Despite Video's Success, Budgets Are Still Hard To Come By
    The success of video is no secret, but content marketers say it's an even better deal than you might imagine. Not only is "video killing it," but it's cost is dropping, too, Brittany Richter, Associate Director of Social Media at iProspect, told attendees of MediaPost's Content Marketing Insider Summit, on Thursday. Yet, marketers are still having trouble getting budgets set aside for good content. Ellen Sirull, Senior Marketing Manager of Content at Experian Consumer Services, this is the first year her department was actually given a budget. "I got really good at spending other peoples' money," she joked, referring to ...
  • Less Is More: Diving Into The Data Of Content Marketing

    “Content is the panacea, but we’re not actually very good at it,” Allen Gannett, CEO and founder of TrackMaven told Content Marketing Insider Summit attendees this morning during a presentation.

    According to a recent study from TrackMaven, a growing majority of professional marketing content fails to have an impact. The marketing research firm found that while the content output per brand has increased 78 percent from the start of 2013 to the end of 2014, content engagement actually decreased 60 percent. That raises the obvious question: is more content necessarily better?

     “We are publishing more and more content than ever before, and ...

  • Content marketing: Spending other people's money
    Speaking at a MediaPost Content Marketing Insider Summit, panelists in session on the intersection of content and social agreed it can be difficult in getting content marketing its own budget.

    Ellen Sirull, senior marketing manager of content at Experian Consumer Services says: “We have actually never had a budget. I’m hoping this year we get one. We have gotten good at spending other people’s money.”

    Morgan Chemij, senior director of SEO, PPC, social, feeds, affiliates, group buying of Provide Commerce, says getting $500,000 a brand might need 12 months when coming from one specific budget can be difficult. “But ...
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