Results for February 2007

E-biz and Snow in Sin City
Media execs for years have been pulling their hair out trying to find a way to do something that would seem a breeze with today's info superhighway: Buying a spot or print page online. Turns out it's been harder than understanding craps or navigatin...» 0 Comments
E-Media Exchange With Another PR Hit
Members of the committee trying to launch the eBay-powered online media exchange acknowledge they've lacked something in the PR area, that they've failed in explaining the system's purpose and logistics. Now, they may have more to question: At the co...» 0 Comments
Gambling with Entertainment Marketing
It's tough to avoid the metaphors you have at a business conference in Las Vegas. But there was the Entertainment Marketing panel during the 4A's convention yesterday with lots of graphics of chips, dice, and playing cards --which may not be the exa...» 0 Comments
Let It Ride
It makes sense that the 4As Media Conference would find its way to Las Vegas sooner or later. Anyone who has ever seen the comedy team of Mandel & Grubbs take apart a Media Conference panel, or Irwin Gotlieb tinkle the ivories on a lobby piano, or th...» 0 Comments
Like A Virgin? You’ve Gotta Love This
Virgin Mobile has just tapped its third agency in a year, naming Durham, NC-based McKinney to handle its estimated $30 million account. Virgin, as you may recall, isn’t exactly one. It’s been burning through ad shops like its youth market cell ph...» 0 Comments
Apollo Results May Cause Headaches For Daypart Planning
The team behind Project Apollo has released the first “live” case study findings from the ambitious single-source measurement system and it shows – are you sitting down? – that this sophisticated form of “consumer-centric measurement” pro...» 0 Comments
Timing Isn't Everything: eMarketer Warns Of Online Slowdown
Both Publicis and Interpublic made considerable noise about the expansion of their base in online and digital media – Publicis going so far as to assert that 25% of its revenues would come from online and/or mobile marketing by 2010 – but a highl...» 0 Comments
AAAA Picks eBiz Arbiter: It Will Be Arbinet
Speaking of media buying exchanges, the AAAA has announced a deal with Arbinet-thexchange to build and implement the “ebiz for media” registry, an industry-wide cross-media electronic trading directory. While not intended to be an open market exc...» 0 Comments
Mod Pods: Jon Swallen Finds Nets Are Altering Commercial Breaks
The drive toward commercial audience ratings is already beginning to impact the way TV networks format commercial breaks in their shows. That’s the top line of a new commercial pod analysis being released today at the AAAA media conference. The ana...» 0 Comments
Peers And Loathing In Las Vegas
The festivities haven’t even officially begun and the AAAA media conference is already proving to be an interesting game of one-ups-manship. First OMD chief Joe Uva trumps the conference news by announcing his move to CEO of Spanis...» 0 Comments