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  • Pre-roll continues to be good for business

    For some it's not necessary evil -- digital video consumers come to expect pre-roll ads. 

    Speaking at MediaPost's Video Insider Summit, Corey Gehrt, strategy director for Code and Theory, said: "Pre-roll is more accepted than TV. Consumers are smart enough to know they are going to give up something in return."

    TV advertising business is now some $70 billion a year. That should not be discounted. Zvika Netter, chief executive officer/co-founder of Innovid, says: "The TV guys got it right. [But] the key evolution of the spot."

    Just because pre-roll video ads ...

  • The viral video lottery. Place your long odds bet

    “Are you going to created the next viral hit, says Richard Kosinski, president of Unruly USA, speaking at the MediaPost Video Insider Summit. No you won’t. 

    Kosinski says there is only a 5% chance of that happening. However, sharing is still really important. Quoting McKinsey & Co., he says a shared video increases purchasing intent by 50 times. He says one-third of people will talk about a video with one in five looking it up online.

    And there is more: What is “gold” for marketers? He says when it comes to automotive marketing, 15% of people ...

  • The Incredible Cost Of Online Fraud
    Unsettling attendees of MediaPost's Video Insider Summit, Web security firm White Ops is painting a terrifying picture of online fraud and its key players. Having matured rapidly in recent years, fraudsters have adopted sophisticated management structures that pump large sums of money into research & development budgets, which help "elite level programmers" stay one step ahead of the ad industry. So Jay Benach, a senior member of White Ops, said on Friday. The security firm recently estimated that online fraud is currently costing the online ad industry a staggering single-digit billions in lost revenue and wasted resources.
  • You mean to tell me the major TV networks have been committing fraud all this time?
    That would seem to be the case based on the defnition of video advertsiing fraud presented by Integrated Ad Science's Mike Iantosca on the "How Bad Is The Inventory" panel during this morning's session of the Video Insider Summit in Montauk, Long Island.
  • Linking Brand-Loyalists With Shows

    If you’re highly attached to a brand, you’ll buy it more often, be less price-sensitive, go deeper into the product line, and pay 2.5 more attention to the brand’s ads. You’ll also contribute 47% more revenue to that company over a 12-month period than average. So emotional attachment translates directly to higher revenue for certain brands, according to Gary Reisman, CEO, NewMediaMetrics, speaking at MediaPost’s Video Insider Summit. The company’s analytics solution aims to map brands with high attachment levels with TV shows to help agencies match brands to media properties. 30% of Apple high-value buyers, for instance, were highly ...

  • Is 'Content Alignment' The New Advertising?
    That's what NewMediaMetrics' Gary Reisman suggested to Video Insider Summit attendees this morning.
  • TV's Emotional "Pull" for Viewers... and Brands

    For some time now NewMediaMetrics has been looking at various emotional attachment to find success of TV shows.

    Now it wants to take a step back -- looking at the creation of TV shows in the development stage.

    “We don’t need to look at a pilot,” says Gary Reisman, chief executive officer/co-founder of NewMediaMetrics, speaking at the MediaPost’s Video Insider Summit. Reisman can now look to concepts and ideas. He says: “Over eight years we looked at 166 TV shows. We were able to predict shows that will be renewed.”

    Reisman talks about ...

  • Is "Attachment" The Magic Metric?
    What's the best way to predict whether a TV show succeeds? It's all about "emotional attachment," according to Gary Reisman, co-founder and CEO of metrics firm NewMediaMetrics. Put another way, "Engagement and pull, I predict, are going to be king ... which then leads to reach," Reisman told attendees of MediaPost's Video Insider Summit on Friday. Predicting future hits based on current consumer attachment -- or engagement, and consumers' willingness to "pull" in content -- is what NewMediaMetrics is working on, these days, according to Reisman. Brands, meanwhile, need to appreciate "attached" consumers as their most valuable constituency. Says Reisman, ...
  • Viewers 'Pulling' It All In

    We live in a “pull” society, according to Gary Reisman, CEO, NewMediaMetrics. The consumer pulls to them what’s important through on-demand services, whether DVR, Netflix, or OTT servics. Increasingly, what draws the viewer is emotional attachment. Reisman’s analytics quantify emotional attachment by measuring people’s unwillingness to give up something like a program or brand on 0-11 scale.( It goes to 11!) People who are emotionally attached, act, said Reisman, meaning they’ll follow a program, participate in social media discussions, and DVR it.

    Case in point is a show like “Breaking Bad,” which consumers increasingly “pulled” to them through on-demand viewing ...

  • Down With Ad Impressions!
    Yes, Joe Licari, Director of the Advanced Creative Solutions Team at Yahoo, thinks the industry should rid itself of the measurement model... or at least the term "impression." Rather, "It's about conversations," and that's the way agencies need to view all digital consumer contact, Licari told attendees of Media's Video Insider Summit on Friday morning. On a panel debating the merits of ad automation vs. customization, Licari put his money on the former. "Automation puts accountability on the creative," he said. Better yet, automation technology lets the humans involved focus all their energy on the "human component" of ad creative. ...
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