Results for July 2007

Holy Rollers like to ride ...
Mark Westlake, EVP of Sales and Content for HowStuffWorks said that a significant amount of traffic to the brand's auto pages was routed from religious sites!» 0 Comments
Curt Viebranz on the AOL Deal
I caught up with Tacoda CEO Curt Viebranz before his panel and he gave me some insight to the timing of how the deal with AOL came together.» 0 Comments
Deal Took AOL Insiders Off Guard
I talked to Harun Asad, director of AOL Media Networks, who said the timing is a complete surprise. He's been working with AOL partner Revenue Science on some thought leadership research about consumer attitudes toward behavioral marketing.» 0 Comments
$1 Billion and Counting
eMarketer is estimating that in 2008 spending on behaviorally targeted advertising will hit $1 billion, almost doubling this year's estimated $575 million. BT has arrived, but many in the industry as still trying to figure out what behavioral is and where it fits in their marketing mix.» 0 Comments