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Cat On A Hot Tin Roomba
Here's the problem for agency creative competing in the new media technology space - especially one where user-generated content can compete with the best of professionally created content. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' Barbara Lippert pointed this out while moderating the "creative" panel at OMMA Global New York.

She told the OMMA crowd about a creative friend of hers who worked on a very intensive campaign for a year, and when it finally hit the Web, she said he complained that, "a cat on a Roomba kept trending higher" than the campaign he worked all year on.

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The Web Doesn't Make You Feel
Online still doesn't deliver the emotional impact of TV, Alan Schulman, Chairman, Chief Creative Officer, U.DIG, acknowledged during the closing panel Tuesday focused on digital creative. "We creatively, haven't made the Web make you feel," said Schulman. "Algorithms don't feel, people do."  He said the Web still has to find a way to provide the "lean back" experience of TV to really connect with people in the same way. So much for lean-forward interaction.

The panel, which also included Gaston Legorburu of Sapient/Nitro and Mike Monello of Campfire also agreed that mobile isn't really and advertising medium. Rather, it requires ...» 0 Comments

Two Types Of Creatives
There are two types of ad creatives, according to Mike Monello, Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Campfire: Those who focus on the process of creating the work, and those who focus on the impact that their work has on audiences. According to Monello, the latter is right and destined to succeed, while the former is wrong and doomed to fail. (We imagine that a dually focused creative would be ideal, but we don’t run an ad shop.) By the same token, Monello says the notion of creatives as filmmakers is all wrong. Rather, the successful creative approaches his or ...» 0 Comments
What Conversation Do You Want To Start?
These days, when BBDO develops the social component of ad campaigns, they always start with the question: "What's the conversation we want to create?" So says Tara DeVeaux, SVP and Senior Account Director at BBDO. What conversation did DeVeaux want to create around the release of the True Blood Season 3 DVD? Something to do with devotion. "We didn't just want people to show their love (for the show) -- They were already doing that," DeVeaux said. "We wanted them to prove their love." For client HBO, the agency therefore developed a "Dig Deeper" interactive multiplatform campaign, which encouraged fans ...» 0 Comments
An Interesting Dilemma For People Who Create Brands
"The business has changed more in the last five years than it has in the previous 25 years," OMMA moderator and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' Curator of Pop Culture Barbara Lippert said, paraphrasing her boss Jeff Goodby.

"To the point," she said, opening her panel, "that we don't know what advertising is, what an agency is... it's all being reformed as we speak."

"We get into these violent debates about whether we should even use this word 'agency,'" Gaston Legorburu, Worldwide Chief Creative Director, SapientNitro, said, adding, "We have to think much more expansively... Are we consultants, are ...» 0 Comments

You Have To Tell Stories
Barbara Lippert moderating a panel on "creatives in hyper connected space." a mouthful. Alan Schulman at U.Dig (and jazz guitarist), Mike Monello, Campfire CCO (produced Blair Witch) and Gaston Legorburu, CCO at Sapient Nitro talked about what the speed of media evolution is doing to agencies..

Lippert, now a cultural observer at Goodby Silverstein quotes Jeff Goodby: business has changed more in the last five years than in the last 25 years. "it's all being reformed as we speak," she said.

Gaston Legorburu of Sapient Ntiro asks if should even we use the term 'agency' any more. Mike ...» 0 Comments

TrueBlood Sells DVDS By Digging Deeper
True Blood's "Dig Deeper" campaign (courtesy BBDO) to promote DVD and Blu-ray sales for season 3 centered on a 30-second interactive spot where both "Trubies" and "newbies" were challenged to find 60 clues about season 3 by clicking on various parts of the video. Once players found (and correctly identified) all 60, they would be entered to win season 3 on DVD. Participation was also encouraged via virtual badges awarded to top players, and hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide wound up getting involved. People even created cheat sheets to collect clues. The end result was 550,000 DVDs sold for ...» 0 Comments
Going For Blood (True Story)
Despite the abysmal trends in the homevideo marketplace (sales have fallen about $1 billion a year to $10 billion this year), the marketing team at HBO has breathed new life into its retail sales with the living dead. Yup, you guessed it, the vampires of "True Blood."

Sofia Chang, senior vice president-retail marketing at HBO, rattled off some impressive media metrics to prove that, but it was the one she cited about actual "True Blood" sales - the drink, not the show - that really impressed me. Honestly, I didn't realize HBO was marketing the stuff, which I figured ...» 0 Comments

Live Music Fans Love Social Sharing
The live music experience is proving to be an extremely sharable one, says Russell Wallach, President of Live Nation Network. By the numbers (the source of which Wallach didn’t make clear), 65% of consumers share live music experiences via social networks; 56% upload related photos; and 31% write reviews of their overall experience. The next step, according to Wallach, is figuring out how to bring brands into the picture in a way that feels organic and right. That’s how Tariq Hassan -- VP of Marketing of the Imaging & Printing Group at HP -- came into the picture. HP was ...» 0 Comments
Handful of Apps Drive Most Usage
Despite the hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available, people tend to rely on just a handful on a regular basis. In an OMMA panel taking up the Great Apps V. Web Debate, Ashmeed Ali, director of mobile insights at Yahoo, said reasearch the company has done shows users have 34 apps on average on their moible device. But only four are used on daily basis.  Yahoo also found 55% of apps aren't meeting user expecations, and 43% felt their apps werent properly organized on their phone so they couldn't easily find a particular one.

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