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Nielsen To Measure iPad Audiences This Year
That's according to Sarah Calkin Ward, director-product leadership for advertising effectiveness at Nielsen. She just announced that during the Q&A session of the last panel at the Mobile Insider Summit. "You will see iPad measurement this year," she said.» 0 Comments
I, Advertiser
That's right, it's time to think like a robot. At least that's what Dynamic Logic Research Director Joline McGoldrick just advised Mobile Insider Summit attendees during a research presentation this morning. She began by sharing the findings of some fascinating man/machine research that tested how human beings feel about, yep, robots. The researchers, she said, had a group of consumers interact with a feline-like robot dubbed iCat, and then asked them to shut it off when they were done -- with the caveat that when they do, all of the robot's memory will be erased. "It was akin to killing ...» 0 Comments
You Read It Here First (And Most Likely, You Read It On Your Tablet, Not Your Smartphone)
That's what Tamara Gaffney told Mobile Insider Summit attendees this morning. Gaffney, who is senior marketing manager-digital index at Adobe, said we will be "reading a press release" soon that will disclose that "tablet visits in the U.S. are about to surpass smartphones." Hmmm, I wonder what the source of that press release might be. Fortunately, mCommerce Daily Editor Chuck Martin was on hand to ask a hard-hitting follow-up question, pumping Gaffney to disclose a bit more on that forthcoming analysis. She answered by explaining that the tablet vs. smartphone tipping point is a function of two things: increased ownership ...» 0 Comments
'Distraction Behavior,' The New Multi-Tasking
That's what Kelly Jones, senior research manager at Microsoft Advertising suggested to attendees at the Mobile Insider Summit. Jones said Microsoft has broken down consumer mobile usage into two distinct patterns. One is dubbed "sequential," which is when consumers use their mobile device to navigate and access content and information linearly "across time and space." The other, she said, is what consumers call "multi-tasking," but Microsoft calls, "distraction behavior." Whatever you call it, Jones said it is a behavior in which consumers are constantly doing multiple things on their mobile device. Kind of how they do things in real-life, when ...» 0 Comments
Personalization Vs. Stumbling: What's The Right Mix?
The next generation of online and mobile news publishing is going to leverage personalization in new says, the Mail Online Publisher Martin Clarke confided to Mobile Insider Summit attendees on Captiva Island this morning. Clarke did not get too specific, but basically said the Mail is deep into the development of some new apps that will enable it to personalize the content it publishes to individuals across different times of the day. He indicated the development is not without its challenges, especially in terms of striking the right balance between personalization and professional curation. "It's very difficult to say exactly ...» 0 Comments
The Mail Treats Online News More Like A TV Network Than A Newspaper
When the Mail Online Publisher Martin Clarke showed data on the daily useage patterns of online news consumers throughout their day, Mobile Insider Summit chair Steve Smith was struck by the "dayparting" aspect of the content flow, and observed, "A newspaper starts thinking like a TV network." "We already do," acknowledged Clarke, noting that news consumption "daypart" patterns tend to begin on a serious note and end on "lighter fare," though he said users tend to use a mobile device or app to check the latest news just before they go to sleep. Stepping back and thinking about that daypart ...» 0 Comments
The British (Expletive Deleted)
Mobile Insider Summit chair Steve Smith got his morning keynote conversation with Mail Online Publisher Martin Clarke by asking him to explain, not just the Mail's success, but why there's new "British invasion of news" publishers that the Mail is part of, noting that the FT, the Economist, and even the Guardian have been making big pushes, and big gains, in the U.S. news marketplace. "Being British, we're not allowed to use words like 'invasion' anymore," Clarke replied, adding, "It kind of goes down badly with the rest of the world." That said, the Mail has, in fact, invaded the ...» 0 Comments
CBS Connects On Second Screen For Super Bowl

In a keynote at the Mobile Insider Summit, Jason Kint, SVP , GM, CBS Interactive's sports division, discussed the network’s second-screen offering for the Super Bowl this year for tablets. A year of planning went into the effort including research on what sports fans wanted. That is real time stats and game information as well as social media integration. People also wanted real time access to commercials, instead of waiting until after the game.

The game had its largest TV audience ever at 164 million viewers, with 3 million streaming online, the largest ever for a single ...» 0 Comments

Mobile POS Is The Way To Go

SapientNitro’s Dan Israel cited Sephora as an example of a large retailer that’s getting the in-store experience right. Taking a page from Apple, the beauty and personal care chain has gotten rid of registers and have mobile POS. That in turn enables more face-to -face interaction on the sales floor, which is the most important thing in retail. If you can get that human interaction, it does increase your sales basket and loyalty, said Israel. So having customers talk to a real person is the goal, and mobile, counterintuitively, can be a smart  facilitate that.



Pushing Back On Showrooming

On a panel Mobile Insider Summit focused on how brands and retailers are responding to smartphone-wielding shoppers, mobile experts from companies including SapientNitro, Usablenet and Metaio suggested stores adopt tactics aimed at enhancing the in-store experience through video, AR installations, loyalty programs, and mobilized-optimized sites focused on price-matching to keep “showrooming” customers from heading out the door.

Carin Van Vuuren, Chief Marketing Officer, Usablenet, also pointed to the use of tablets in stores as vehicles for shoppers to learn more about products. Best Buy, Marks & Spencer and Aeroposale are among retailers employing tablets to engage customers. ...» 0 Comments

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