November 3, 2014The Roosevelt Hotel New York


Customer Contact 3.0

The retail experience, like everything else in a fully connected world, is about to get transformed. Mediapost inaugurates a new “IoT” event series on The Internet of Everything with a deep dive into Beacons - how retailers are about to become marketers’ new digital access point for customers.

The shelves can talk…and customers can talk back to them. This is geofencing on steroids, though a trickier and more complex landscape to navigate. The explosion in proximity-aware mobile beacons presents marketers with new ways to precisely and intimately interact and engage with consumers at malls, in stores and at the product level in every aisle. More than 30,000 beacons are expected to be active in the U.S. by year’s end, and millions more are coming to retailers of every stripe. .

There are both closed and open beacon networks, a multitude of new and emerging mobile beacon advertising models and a growing array of beacon strategic choices. Brands can go direct to consumers by beaconing them right to their products.

But first, retailers, brands and a new cottage industry of third parties need to make hard strategic choices. What do the new, in-store, mobile advertising platforms look like? Who will control the experience before, during and after the store visit? Who are the players, familiar and new? Where does the agency fit in? And what are the implications of tying together ad, marketing and payment operations so tightly?

IoT: Beacons shines a light on the multitude of mobile marketing and advertising choices, highlights early best practices, and identifies the possible pitfalls in nothing less than a revolutionized relationship between store and customers.

What to Expect by Attending:

· Hear leaders in media, marketing, retail and advertising give keynotes, research presentations, case studies and participate in panel discussions on the latest trends and new ideas on how to use Beacons

· Learn the ins and out of Beacons, including emerging best practices from those who already use them

· Learn how a wide range of companies utilize beacon technology to implement customer mobile targeting techniques

· Network with major industry experts to expand your connections within the field

· Through onstage content and interactions with other attendees, raise your skills and knowledge in dealing with learning the fine art of Beaconing at all stages of the purchase cycle

Past Attendees Include:

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