October 21 - 22, 2014


Marketing To The Age Of Now

At the first OMMA Chicago on October 21 & 22, MediaPost brings some of its strongest editorial coverage to life across two days of in-depth discussions on the core challenges of digital marketing. From programmatic and data driven ad platforms to automation that transforms agency culture, from navigating the scale and ethics issues of native advertising to new social strategies for mobile screens, we explore the broad range of topics relevant to all in the media economy. In ad tech, data, social, video, and mobile arenas, media buyers and planners are being challenged to work in real time, with relentless iteration and the constant pressure to prove ROI.

‘Real-time’ is the buzzword du jour, but it barely touches the profound impact that digital ad technology, social media, and mobility are having on all aspects of what marketers do. This is more than just brands engaging in the daily zeitgeist. It is ad platforms that make judgments on who to serve which ad faster than a traditional media buyer can bat an eye. It is about consumers making decisions whether to buy -- or not to buy -- your product in a matter of minutes, but referencing multiple online and offline sources to get there. It is about brands as live entities on social channels conversing with customers 24/7. It is about a still-new personal screen users are accessing up to 20 or more times a day. It is about an environment so cluttered with ads of such low value, publishers are struggling to redefine “premium” inventory as ads that are fully woven into the immediate content experience.

At OMMA Chicago, the industry’s leading practitioners share the latest industry learnings in 'real-time.'

Quality Pledge

MediaPost strives for excellence in its coverage of media, marketing and advertising. Our mission is to engage key questions for media buyers, sellers and emerging platforms from a critical perspective. We choose speakers exclusively for their ability to bring this perspective and insight to our stage.  All conferences and summits - in all niche categories - are programmed exclusively by proven, expert, unbiased journalists.  MediaPost has never and will never engage in "pay to play" conferencing.

What To Expect

* Listen to leaders in the online marketing industry give keynotes, research presentations, and discuss the benefits, challenges, and future of real-time marketing

* Discover when to use RTB-driven campaigns, where humans fit into the picture, how to balance premium display and RTB strategies, and the impact real-time has on the market for buying and selling inventory.

* A unique opportunity to network with Chicago's best. Meet top media buyers, planners, senior ad agency execs, publishers, brand managers, researchers, analysts, and technology solution providers.

* Gain an all-around deeper understanding on the trends shaping the future of marketing and advertising