October 27 - 28, 2015The Metropolitan Club, Chicago, IL


Art and Science of Digital Advertising
Day 1
What’s The Big Idea?

Where are the “Big Ideas” in digital advertising anyway? Despite a love affair with ad automation, where and how are marketers using digital technology to tell better, richer brand stories? Are we making online advertising worth remembering yet? In our first day of OMMA Chicago we look for the creative centers of a fragmenting media landscape. Brands have online identities? Do social campaigns tell stories? Can a pre-roll touch your heart?

Day 2
Doing The Math On Ad Tech

Data, audience targeting, programmatic platforms and predictive analytics are all transforming both advertising and the agencies producing it. Not so fast. Is all the science and complexity living up to its own hype? On day 2 of OMMA Chicago we put the science to the test. Is it serving brands or still just a supersonic DM vehicle? Are media buyers retreating from the fraud, lack of transparency and low inventory quality of the big open machine? What does and doesn’t add up in the data driven ad equation? Let’s do the math.