May 21, 2014Crowne Plaza Times Square, NYC


Living Is The New Media

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Marketers are no longer targeting content or people. Even location alone is not enough. Mobility has turned moments in all of their richness and diversity into targets. What ad should reach Jane in bed at 11 pm after an evening browsing cashmere tops on her laptop? What app should ping Joe at the strip mall at noon on Wednesday when the hardware store is three doors away? How close is Ethel to pulling the trigger on the new SUV when she revisits her auto app for the fifth time this week on Saturday morning? The “right ad, right person, right place, right time” equation is about to get much more complicated. In order for mobility to reach its promise for marketers, brands must align with a limitless set of customer modes, points in time, previous behaviors, likely next moves, all happening in real time and anyplace. Constant connectivity means that life itself is the new media.

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As the elder statesman among mobile marketing events, OMMA Mobile enters its seventh year challenging the field to chart a course towards its true promise. How do brands need to rethink themselves and their customers when every moment is an opportunity to serve? Does untethering the Web from the desktop also break the display ad ecosystem? What is the new prime time context when two screens are dueling for attention? How must the next generation of apps adapt to context leveraging all of the latest tools? And what happens to marketing when wearable devices make every movement a targetable moment?
That is where we are headed – life itself as the new media – brought to us by relentless connectivity and mobility. At OMMA Mobile at Internet Week we chart the coming intersection of living and marketing.

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Conference Content Programmer

Steve Smith, Editorial Director, MediaPost

Rave Reviews from Attendees

"In a sea of shows during Internet Week in New York City, OMMA Mobile stood out with a range of content and speakers."
Chris Miller, Chief Digital Officer, Draftfcb

"OMMA events really get to the heart of the trends and challenges of our industry. The quality of presenters and panels is always an amalgam of the best and brightest people driving the growth of online media, marketing and advertising."
Kevin Wassong, CEO, LIN Mobile

"I walked in and within five minutes invited a very influential publisher to join my agency for dinner at the Effie Awards and she accepted. OMMA Mobile was great for networking."
Janet Northen, EVP Communications, McKinney

"The quality content of the OMMA Mobile show was excellent. The conversation was candid, the speakers were thought leaders and thoughtful. This select group and the audience in attendance were focused on driving success for brands and discussing innovation - rather than shilling for their own companies which happens all too often."
Josh Schiffman, SVP Strategy & Operations, Xtify Inc.

"Particularly as someone who is new to the mobile industry this side of the Atlantic, OMMA gave me a great chance to meet some of the best in the Interactive industry. Definitely a day out of the calendar worth taking."
Tim Dunn, Director of Strategy/Mobile, Roundarch Isobar

"It was very, very well organized and informative. The speakers were from well known brands and the case studies were highly relevant."
Carri Lukasik, Marketing Manager, Disney Store

"Love the way dialog develops throughout the day! The keynotes were all interesting!"
JJ Beh, Mortgage Strategy & Planning Lead, ING Direct USA

"OMMA Mobile had a strong agenda, great speakers and proactive conversations on and off the stage. Those that didn’t attend truly missed out on a well thought out and executed day centered around the high-growth of mobile."
Mack McKelvey, SVP of Marketing, Millennial Media

"The OMMA Mobile event was extremely valuable for us. The program, speakers and attendees were all focused on the specific opportunities around mobile marketing. Google speaks at many of these mobile-focused events and this one day event led to more productive conversations than just about anything we’ve done. Congratulations to the MediaPost team on a great event and we look forward to joining the discussion again."
Jason Spero, VP & GM, North America, Google

"Above all other conferences, the OMMA events provide the most comprehensive insight into the state and future of interactive media, marketing and advertising.  The content is top-notch, and the individuals I have the opportunity to meet, are the ones leading the charge to make interactive a premier medium for advertisers.  These are top-quality events for anyone involved in the digital media space"
Kevin Klein, Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Display,

What to Expect

* Hear the top mobile marketing executives, agencies, and media decision makers share their experiences, insights, research, and predictions for the future of mobile marketing through keynotes, case studies, research presentations, and more.

* Unparalleled networking opportunity with experts throughout the field of mobile marketing.

Expand your knowledge in all areas of the mobile marketing world through the onstage talks and offstage discussions with other attendees looking to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities mobile marketing provides.