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"As a brand marketer, OMMA Display provided key insights into the realities and opportunities of the business that I may not have been exposed to otherwise."
Katie Foret, Global Advertising Specialist, Cisco

"OMMA Display is a dynamic conference on a niche topic being worked on by extremely sharp individuals. The audience was receptive to seeing how their niche fit into a larger digital marketing strategy and referenced how their work fits into the bigger picture."
Karen Bellin, Director, Web Analytics, Digitaria

"Thanks for hitting on topics that definitely bear discussion, and for bringing speakers and panelists from such varied backgrounds and perspectives. That was the most eye-opening aspect for me."
Stephen Prat, Data Analyst, U.S. Interactive Media

“OMMA Display offers a comprehensive view of the ad network industry and provides a well-rounded agenda to interest entry-level employees up to senior executives.”
Jaan Janes, CEO. Seevast

“OMMA Display answered a lot of the fundamental questions I had with respect to how this aspect of the industry operates. I appreciate the fact that there were a lot of ‘war stories’ exchanged.”
Lally Rementilla, VP Planning and Media Initiatives, Lavalife