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Friday, March 8

1:00 PM
Coffee & Networking
1:10 PM
Opening Remarks
Steve Smith, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
1:15 PM
Brand marketers are currently in the midst of dealing with the implications of the most revolutionary shift in the history of communication. Social media has upended the entire landscape, shifting the balance of power from stakeholders in mass communications (brand marketers, advertisers) to a mass of communicators (anyone with a social media footprint). This shift has led to a number of hugely important questions. How will brand marketers measure and justify these new currencies of engagement? Are a tweet and a “Like” valued the same? Should they be? What will it take to engage consumers at scale in the age of social?  How will social compare to the banner ad, which our keynote speaker, Jeff Dachis, helped pioneer twenty years ago? In this session at OMMA Social at SXSW, Dachis will tackle these topics and also address the role social will play in driving pre-purchase intent in the years to come.
Jeff Dachis, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, Dachis Group
1:45 PM
Five years ago, Bob Garfield published "The Chaos Scenario" and scared marketers all over the world. This left him with guilty feelings. He hinted that there was a path out of the apocalypse, and, sure enough, there is. His new book, "Can't Buy Me Like", describes the four forces that have dictated a new, humane and sustainable way of doing business in what he calls "The Relationship Era." In this OMMA Social at SXSW keynote, Garfield discusses apocalypse avoidance for self-respect and profit. 
Bob Garfield, Columnist, MediaPost
2:15 PM
The world of social media has forever changed the way brands interact with consumers. Largely driven by the "Like" button on Facebook, brands have spent lots of time and strategic energy getting the consumer to become a fan; meanwhile other social networks urge people to make one-click decisions, like retweeting and repinning. But that's not enough; the new paradigm in the social world is to move beyond relatively passive likes, retweets and pins by turning brand fans into social advocates. This session will look at how brands are moving into the new age of social advocacy.
Dan Clifford, VP Marketing, Victoria's Secret
Ryan Aynes, Co-Founder & Managing Director, EDGE Collective
Mauria Finley, Founder & CEO, Citrus Lane
Tammy Gordon, VP of Social Communications and Strategy, AARP
Brian Madden, Executive Director of Audience Development and Social Media, Hearst Digital
Lora Schaeffer, VP of Social, Resource
Jordan Vlator Slabaugh, Director, Marketing & Social Media, Spredfast
3:00 PM
Using Twitter to engage in real-time marketing involves much more than just timeliness. It also requires a strategic sense that may get lost in the shuffle of trying to be first to the Twitter party. In this OMMA Social at SXSW case study, PBS’ Kevin Dando brings real-world examples to the media brand’s successful use of Promoted Tweets to leverage real-time happenings. He’ll draw on examples including Big Bird’s surprise entry into the presidential debates, how PBS leveraged Twitter to promote the documentary “Half the Sky,” (and make it a world-wide trending topic) and for driving tune-in to Downton Abbey during the infamous #SuperBowlBlackOut. Most importantly, he’ll discuss how to turn paid media into the real-time earned media all brands desire.
Kevin Dando, Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Communications, PBS
3:30 PM
One of the latest innovations coming out of Facebook is its search graph, which allows users to overlay their Facebook friends with other data, such as interests and location. This union of the social graph and the interest graph may further connect Facebook users with their friends, and help them find new ones, but what is its potential for marketers? Will it enhance targeting, increase ROI or lead to richer consumer insights. or simply be another, but not groundbreaking, tool in the marketer's toolbox on Facebook? This session will put Facebook Graph Search in perspective.
Max Kalehoff, Columnist, MediaPost
Natanya Anderson, Director of Social Media, Whole Foods Market
Paul DeJarnatt, VP/Search Director, Starcom USA
Peter Fasano, Senior Vice President, Social@Ogilvy
Darren McColl, Vice President of Global Brand Strategy, SapientNitro
Chase McMichael, President, CEO, InfiniGraph
4:15 PM
With corporations and individuals both major users of social platforms, we are experiencing the convergence of brands and culture with the personal identities of the people who work for them. The challenge, for companies who want to leverage the opportunities this convergence creates, is attracting and retaining people who can improve, and promote, company culture through the authenticity of their own voices. But turning a company’s employees into intenral and external social brand ambassadors isn’t just a matter of rewriting company policy. In this OMMA Social session, IBM will share insights into how social brand strategists can create intentional systems of engagement that benefit both companies and employees, and, in turn, the consumers they want to reach.
Jason Jercinovic, President, Havas Worldwide Digital
Ethan McCarty, Director, Enterprise Social Programs, IBM
Just how likely are Fans to recommend Brands they "like" on Facebook
5:15 PM - 6:30 PM

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