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Maria Bailey

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Author and CEO of BSM Media, Maria Bailey is a trendsetter and thought leader in influencer marketing. Her expertise in both the mom and millennial influencer markets is recognized by Ad Age, Wall Street Journal, CNN, New York Times, Billboard Magazine, as well as hundreds of other media outlets. Maria's latest book, Millennial Moms, 202 Facts Marketers Need to Know to Drive Sales and Build Brands, offers insights and strategies on capturing the business and loyalty of the still-emerging millennial market. In her spare time, Maria trains for her next marathon or ultra (26 and counting) and spends time with her family.

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  • 5 Reasons To Engage With Moms In Online Community Research Groups in Engage:Moms on 05/20/2016

    A 2015 market research industry paper reports a 52% increase in online communities, a tool that smart marketers will leverage when engaging with moms. Traditional research tools that my team uses every day, such as focus groups and surveys, have value and will continue to play a role in keeping a finger on the pulse of opinions and trends. However, the increase in online communities resonates with the hottest consumer segment today - millennial moms.

  • The Un-Mother's Day in Engage:Moms on 04/18/2016

    No Engage:Moms post would be complete without talking about Mother's Day on May 8th this year. In 2015, over $20 billion was spent on cards, flowers, jewelry and other gifts according to the National Retail Federation. But what do moms really want and how can marketers reach them for a new holiday I'm calling the "un-Mother's Day"?

  • Spending Is Hopping This Easter in Engage:Moms on 03/18/2016

    Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail with billions of dollars in his basket. In a survey report released this week by the National Retail Federation (NRF), an Easter 2016 spending estimate of $17.3 billion will be the highest in the survey's 13-year history. Who is leading the charge to store cash registers and online checkout buttons? Of course, it's moms, who are giving marketers a clear direction on the importance of all holidays to earn their business.

  • Moms Spending Big Money On Connected Toys For Their Kids in Engage:Moms on 02/19/2016

    Tell children to play with toys and they will grab their tablets first, thanks to the continued blending of traditional and digital toys. This week, a new study we conducted, and released at the Digital Kids Conference (at Toy Fair), reveals what moms are willing to spend, and how and why they buy.

  • 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With Millennial Mom Influencers in Engage:Moms on 01/15/2016

    2016 marketing plans are in full swing and savvy marketers are using millennial mom influencers as an integral part of these plans. But are they using the right moms who are the best fit for the brand and specific programs? Here are five common mistakes, along with ways to avoid them and make the most of mom influencer marketing programs.

  • 2016: The Year Of The Social Mom Influencer in Engage:Moms on 12/18/2015

    As 2015 winds down and the New Year is almost here, it's time to dust off my crystal ball and offer my predictions on marketing to moms in 2016. Here are a few top-level thoughts for what's new, what's hot, and what's "so 2015".

  • 5 Last-Minute Marketing Tactics To Drive Holiday Sales With Millennial Moms in Engage:Moms on 11/20/2015

    My Thanksgiving grocery shopping is finished; my Black Friday list is ready (yes, I confess I am one of the 5 a.m. deal seekers, but I knock out most of my holiday shopping by the time my family has breakfast). And as I made my Black Friday list, I thought about the light-speed approach of the holidays and the last-minute strategies I would offer CMOs for maximizing holiday sales. After all, these next few weeks of holiday shopping comprise about 20% in annual sales, according to the National Retail Federation.

  • Millennial Moms Are Creators Of New Holidays in Engage:Moms on 10/16/2015

    'Tis the season for fall holidays, and it seems like they keep arriving earlier every year! For Millennials, holidays and special occasions are not just about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah anymore. Even "Hallmark holidays" like Boss's Day (today, coincidentally) have nothing on the trends that Millennials have created to celebrate milestones, particularly once these women become moms.

  • Millennial Moms Redefine Work in Engage:Moms on 09/18/2015

    As they have done with most aspects of life, Millennial Moms have put their own mark on the workplace and how they view employment. Millennials now compose 34% of the workforce according to the Department of Labor Statistics, outnumbering Boomers and Gen Xers who represent 32% combined. By 2020, they will represent 46% of all U.S. workers. They are entrepreneurial in spirit, mostly because they seek employment on their own terms.

  • Periscope Up  in Engage:Moms on 08/21/2015

    I admit it; I'm crazy about Periscope. A relative newborn on the social media scene, Periscope is the iPhone app that lets you live stream video through Twitter from virtually anywhere in the world. An industry article earlier this month reports 10 million Periscope users with almost 2 million account holders opening the app on a daily basis. Hearing the buzz a few months ago, I downloaded the app to see what the hype was about with this new video tool.

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  • 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With Millennial Mom Influencers by Maria Bailey (Engage:Moms on 01/15/2016)

    Hi Judy, you are correct that Pinterest is a huge playground for moms and an excellent resource for social listening. It's the source for the Mason jar example in Tip #2. I offer solutions to avoid these common mistakes within the content above; search online playgrounds for influencers, become a social listener to identify moms talking about your product or brand, look at a bio/About section to identify offline influencers and finally, give influencers with smaller numbers a chance. They're often more interested in an authentic relationship that will prove more valuable in the long term. I hope this helps clarify your comment. Thanks for your feedback. 

  • 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With Millennial Mom Influencers by Maria Bailey (Engage:Moms on 01/15/2016)

    Hi Steve, thanks for your comment and the link. You are absolutely correct that bloggers (we like to call them influencers) must disclose their work, including monetary and product compensation. It is incumbent on agencies to communicate the necessity for disclosure, as the FTC would look to the bigger fish in the chain! I appreciate the share.

  • Moms Spending Big Money On Connected Toys For Their Kids by Maria Bailey (Engage:Moms on 02/19/2016)

    Hi Laurie, thanks for your comment.  The survey size was 300 moms in the U.S., 178 children (ages 4-18, majority of respondents in kids survey - 54% - were in the 7-9 year old range). More survey results are available that I'm happy to send you. Email me ( to request a copy.

  • Alpha Moms, Tiger Moms And Me -- The Accidental Influencer by Maryanne Conlin (Engage:Moms on 02/17/2011)

    I love seeing you use the term Power Moms. My newest book is titled, Power Moms. I think that marketers need to look at moms thru numerous lenses.

  • The Eight Truths For Talking To Alpha Moms by Kimberly Jackson (Engage:Moms on 12/22/2010)

    I agree that Alpha moms are the target but marketers need to remember that every subset of mothers have alpha in their group. There are alphas in groups of Beta moms in fact. Alpha is best definited as the influencer or mavens in each subset of mothers. It's also important to remember that an alpha mom for one product is not always an alpha mom for another. For example: a fitness alpha mom would not be an alpha mom for a fatty food product. Know your the alpha moms you need to target and then apply the great suggestions Kim has made here.

  • Moms Can Put the 'Happy' in Holiday Sales by Maria Bailey (Engage:Moms on 10/13/2010)

    Melissa have you seen this article regarding the move downward in age of the brands you mentioned. Moms of all ages will have to run from the malls!

  • New Year, New Trends by Maria Bailey (Engage:Moms on 01/06/2010)

    So sorry that some non-BSM Media were cut due to space. Here's some you might want to check out: NightAgency did a great program with moms using video for PurexInsiders called "Sheet Happens". Method did a great job bringing local moms together with a series of mom mixers last year in homes stock with their products. Huggies did a fun campaign with video in which they enlisted local moms to be city hosts to their Huggies mobile. What I've learned from a decade of being in the mom space is that I tend to test trends I believe will be taking with my own brands and clients before proclaiming them trends that work for all. Once I've seen success firsthand I then feel comfortable sharing them with the world. It's my science background at work! Thanks for your interest.

  • Gt Conectd 2 The WM by Howard Goldberg (Engage:Moms on 10/28/2009)

    Interesting article however I would challenge the term "working" mom and warn marketers against segementing moms into "working" and "stay at home" segment. The reality is that moms have redefined the term "working". Two thirds of moms are now running some type of business from their homes and while they often will not term themselves "working moms" they are generating income and interactinging outside of the home with women business owners and consumers. Today's Gen Y and Gen X moms are using terms such as "hybrid" moms, "in-home working moms", "at home working moms", "total 180 moms" and "part-time working moms". However if you ask them if they are working mothers, they will say they are stay at homes because they place more value on their role as an in-home mother than an in-home business owner. These women are loyal to the same brands that they use in their personal life when purchasing for their companies. A big upside for companies who win their loyalty.

  • Millennial Mom 101 by Brandon Evans (Engage:Millennials on 10/23/2009)

    Great article and right on target. Thanks for accurately sourcing my research. Appreciate it. Millenials moms are very important to the consumer base of mothers. Close to 4 million millenials will become moms next year.

  • The Mom Timeline by Mary Lee Shalvoy (Engage:Moms on 03/25/2009)

    Mary Lee you'd done a great job breaking out the timeline of mom. It illustrates what I wrote in Trillion Dollar Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Moms, that it is important to market to the mom based on the age of her child rather than the age of the mother. A boomer with a toddler will act more like a Gen Xer with a toddler than a boomer with a teen. Toddler moms become consumer peers to each other and thus forming a strong consumer group. Thanks for mentioning the Marketing to Moms Coalition, It's a great resource for marketing professionals in this field. The $2.1 trillion figure however was calculated by BSM Media and Maria Bailey. We actually re-calculated it ever January 1st. It's amazing that it has grown from $1.7 in 2001.

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