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Skip Brand

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  • Is Premium Programmatic Just Like The Ryder Cup?  in RTB Insider on 10/21/2014

    The programmatic trading landscape is evolving fast. As a result, there are considerable differences in the way the U.S. and European markets are developing. Real-time bidding (RTB) first emerged in the U.S. as the initial phase of programmatic. Europe did not simply imitate the U.S., but also adapted to meet the needs of countries, partners, agencies, and brands. Similar to when the Americans led the Ryder Cup before the 1980s, the British added in European players and now dominate the U.S. in this golf grudge match. The "Ryder Cup Trend" may be the case in premium programmatic due to the growth of the entire continent -- not just the U.K. market. Let's compare how the two markets are handling programmatic.

  • Programmatic In-House (Brands) Vs. Out-Of-House (Agencies)? Actually, Both Are Needed in RTB Insider on 10/14/2014

    Experts in programmatic believe in-house buying by brands plus value-added services from agencies are both needed to realize the huge potential of programmatic. There are five reasons why it's a good idea for brands to handle their programmatic efforts both in-house and with agencies. Let's start from the top.

  • Programmatic's POEM: Paid, Owned and Earned Media  in RTB Insider on 10/07/2014

    The terms "paid, owned, and earned media" (POEM) have become the best way to describe the digital media space today. In fact, many argue this is the only way for thought leaders in programmatic to ultimately prioritize all the real-time media options that are currently available. These three types of media work best together and not in media silos. And for POEM to reach its full potential, these efforts need to be automated and evolved into programmatic brand advertising.

  • Programmatic First: It's Branding, Stupid!  in RTB Insider on 10/01/2014

    The window to premium programmatic is not simply open, but it has been shattered. Everyone has a "programmatic first" mentality, which is needed for 100% brand advertiser adoption.

  • The Programmatic Obesity Problem  in RTB Insider on 09/23/2014

    The latest threat to programmatic brand advertising (PBA) is obesity. Everyone knows America tops the list of obese countries, but we are also contributing to the epidemic facing a fatter programmatic premium market, which threatens our digital fitness and ability to make decisions in real time. There are many symptoms of our obese PBA marketplace. Let's take a look at each of them.

  • Programmatic Brand Advertising: Measurement's Perfect Storm in RTB Insider on 09/17/2014

    Today's programmatic brand advertisers are finding it critical to build upon the four waves of development in analytics and measurement. These waves include current viewability and quality efforts, the work in audience buying, big data powering and validating programmatic initiatives, and the movement from dashboards to real-time measurement by industry experts.Let's go over each of these waves in detail.

  • Renewed Focus On 'Tech' In Ad Tech Creates New Digital Big Five  in RTB Insider on 09/10/2014

    Since the beginning of the digital media era, AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and now Facebook have set the direction, held the most reach, and developed or acquired the majority of advertising technology. These companies are referred to as the "big five" in digital media, similar to the term coined by African big game hunters for the species most difficult to bag: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and cape buffalo. Many bankers, investors, and technologists believe there is a new big five looking to capture more ad space now that more technology is coming into ad tech. Programmatic is considered the catalyst enabling this new big five. Let's take a look at them in further detail.

  • Size Matters With Big Data And Internet of Things For Programmatic in RTB Insider on 09/04/2014

    Even though we have been hearing a lot about big data, the amount we are actually gathering today pales in comparison to what is about to happen once device connectivity and sensors come into play from the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Good, Bad, Ugly: Madison Ave. Vs. Wall Street Exchanges in RTB Insider on 08/27/2014

    Since the mid-2000s, Madison Ave has been compared to Wall Street. This helped fuel innovation and investments, and brought more scientists and engineers into the area. Despite all of the good, the industry is now seeing some of the bad and the ugly by trying to put forth the financial stock exchange model as the primary method for purchasing online advertising. The problem with this is that the financial exchange and ad marketplace are fundamentally different. An ad impression is simply not a stock.

  • Computers Versus Humans In Premium Programmatic in RTB Insider on 08/20/2014

    If IBM's computer, Deep Blue, can beat chess masters and their follow-up, Watson, can win on "Jeopardy," when can the "premium robot" Sherlock help us win premium programmatic?

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