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Daniella Koren

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  • President DKI
  • 160 Summit Avenue
  • Montvale New Jersey
  • 07645 USA

DKI is a healthcare relationship marketing company dedicated to building value for brands with with patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals by digging deep, finding insights and applying analytics at every juncture. We use targeted media, new technology and smart strategy to achieve valuable and measurable results every step of the way.

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  • Patient Access to EHRs - How Much Should Doctors Share? in Marketing: Health on 11/28/2014

    The use of electronic health records is now standard operating procedure in many medical practices, but access to them is a bone of contention. While many patients want to be able to read and add to their records, doctors may not be comfortable with this.

  • Helping Patients Get The Most From Patient Portals in Marketing: Health on 10/24/2014

    While patient portals can't replace an in-office visit, they have many benefits: They encourage patients to view test results and health records and can facilitate an ongoing doctor-patient dialogue. They can reduce paperwork by serving as online billing and payment centers. They can also help practices meet meaningful use Stage 2 requirements, which state that providers must have "at least five percent of their patients using an online patient portal" to get incentive payments.

  • Using Patient Education To Stop The Hospital Revolving Door in Marketing: Health on 09/26/2014

    According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), about one in five Medicare patients discharged from a hospital is readmitted within 30 days. In an effort to change this, in 2009, the CMS began publicly reporting hospital readmission rates for certain conditions, and the Affordable Care Act contains multiple payment reforms intended to promote hospital efforts to address and prevent adverse events after discharge. Chief among these are financial penalties for hospitals with above-average readmission rates for certain illnesses.

  • Finding Time For Patient Education: 4 Tips For Healthcare Providers in Marketing: Health on 08/22/2014

    It's not news to doctors that an important part of their job is educating their patients about their health and medical conditions. The problem is that a meaningful interaction takes time-one thing that doctors don't have. A 2013 Medscape survey found that the largest group of physician responders spent between 13 and 16 minutes per patient.

  • 4 Barriers To Patient Engagement And How To Overcome Them  in Marketing: Health on 07/25/2014

    We can all agree that empowering patients to engage in their healthcare is a good thing. Improving patients' understanding of their disease and health so they take a more active role in their healthcare has been shown to lead to better health outcomes and reduced costs.

  • Tips For Improving Written Communication To Patients in Marketing: Health on 06/27/2014

    To help patients proactively manage their health, many healthcare providers supplement what they tell patients during appointments with written content. This may include printouts of educational material about their condition, healthy lifestyle tips, or hand-written notes about the patient's condition and treatment plan. Physicians may also refer patients to websites or social media sites, or send emails with additional information.

  • 5 Tips To Help Healthcare Providers Improve Patient Empowerment in Marketing: Health on 05/23/2014

    Which patient is likely to have the best outcome: The one who puts their health entirely in their doctor's hands, or the one who is empowered to help manage their own health?

  • Top 4 Ways To Help Patients With Shared Decision Making in Marketing: Health on 04/28/2014

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) identifies patient engagement as an integral part of quality in accountable care organizations. In fact, a separate section (3506) of the ACA calls for new Shared Decision-Making Resource Centers to help integrate the approach into clinical practice.

  • Patient Engagement: It's More Than You May Think in Marketing: Health on 03/31/2014

    Patient engagement is a very popular term right now. But what exactly is it?

  • Being A Good Patient Marketer - A Short List in Marketing: Health on 11/22/2013

    What does it take to be a good patient marketer? There is no one background that makes a person a perfect fit for healthcare marketing. Certainly a good education, including within the discipline of marketing, is a good start. But I have seen successful patient marketers with a wide variety of backgrounds. Yes, they all have a serious work ethic, a sharp mind, a willingness to learn, and some rock solid skills, but they also typically have a few less obvious areas of strength that really distinguishes them. Here are four areas to consider as you start or continue your journey in patient marketing.

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