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Daniella Koren

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  • CEO Arches Technology
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  • 5 Best Practices For Personalizing The Call Center Experience in Marketing: Health on 01/22/2016

    Healthcare is evolving into a value-based system, with patient satisfaction tied to reimbursements and penalties. And, it's evolving quicker than you might think. Value-based reimbursement is no longer the future of healthcare, a pilot project, or some far off place where the healthcare system will one day be. That day is today and there are significant financial stakes that hinge on patient satisfaction.

  • How Telemedicine Is Propelling Change Around The Hospital Experience in Marketing: Health on 11/27/2015

    Telemedicine will no doubt increase patient engagement, because patients who receive care when and where they want are more motivated to participate in self-care. And on the provider side, being able to identify what is important to the patient and providing those services will go a long way to establishing a partnership outside of the office visit. From reviewing medical records to charting treatment plans, from reading x-rays to home healthcare, telemedicine is making healthcare more available to everyone.

  • How The Internet Of Things Is Changing The Future Of Healthcare CRM Strategy in Marketing: Health on 10/30/2015

    Customer relationship management (CRM) is here to stay and is at the heart of companies' digital initiatives for years to come, Gartner said in a report that came out in 2014. The hot topic in CRM across multiple leading industries, including healthcare, is the Internet of Things (IoT) as it joins cloud, social, mobile and big data as the fifth driver of CRM investments.

  • Educating Patients About Surgical Recovery: When, And How? in Marketing: Health on 09/25/2015

    Educating patients about what to expect after surgery needs to start in the weeks beforehand. By helping patients understand what their surgery involves and preparing them both for the procedure and recovery, providers can improve patient satisfaction and make a real difference in how patients perceive their entire surgical experience and results.

  • Patient Portals And Missed Opportunities in Marketing: Health on 08/28/2015

    As value-based care becomes common practice, healthcare organizations are working to increase patient engagement-but are current engagement strategies getting the job done when it comes to improving outcomes long term?

  • Shared Decision-making: It Takes Two in Marketing: Health on 07/28/2015

    According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, "Shared decision making is a model of patient-centered care that enables and encourages people to play a role in the management of their own health. It operates under the premise that, armed with good information, consumers can and will participate in the medical decision-making process by asking informed questions and expressing personal values and opinions about their conditions and treatment options."

  • Prehabilitation-Improving Outcomes Proactively in Marketing: Health on 06/26/2015

    One area where outcomes-based care is having a huge impact is orthopedic surgery. According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Strength Conditioning Research, the projected number of total knee replacement surgeries for 2016 is 1,046,000-in 15 years, this number is projected to increase by 600%. While rehabilitation is important for improving outcomes in this type of procedure, the groundwork laid before the surgery-with prehabilitation-can make all the difference for patients' recovery.

  • The Synergy Between Call Centers And Population Health in Marketing: Health on 05/22/2015

    Healthcare is evolving from a fee-for-service and volume-driven model to one that is value based. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has stepped up its timeline for shifting Medicare to a value-based system so that by the end of 2016, at least 30% of fee-for-service Medicare payments will be tied to value through accountable care organizations or bundled payment arrangements. By the end of 2018, that number will increase to 50%.

  • Call Centers - Filling The Gaps In The Patient Care Continuum  in Marketing: Health on 04/24/2015

    A report in Healthcare IT News, "Strategies to Maximize Patient Engagement and Retention," observed that the healthcare industry is evolving to a model where patients are approaching their healthcare as consumers. As a result, patients' expectations of an "exceptional care experience" are requiring that providers start engaging patients not only during office visits, but throughout the care continuum. To achieve this end, the single most important component is communication.

  • Patients And Physicians On Using Technology And Sharing Information in Marketing: Health on 03/27/2015

    Technology is advancing how medicine is practiced, giving patients the chance to participate more fully in their healthcare. These new developments have the potential to elevate the provider-patient relationship, and are being welcomed, for the most part, by both groups.

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