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What Men Really Want
Father's Day has come and gone, but, hopefully, not too long ago to allow you to regurgitate a memory of the advertising and editorial surrounding it.» 0 Comments
Are We Ready To Look Past The Same-Old, Same-Old?
There are so many different types of men within and beyond the typical 18-34-year-old demographic, including Dads, grads, hipsters, young professionals, gay, straight, gamers, athletes, auto enthusiasts, nerds and so on. What I'm saying is men's interests have changed in the last few decades and there are many subtle differences in how to effectively target and engage these male audiences.» 1 Comments
Cracking The Guy Code
Men are tricky. Just because many love sports, music, entertainment, cars (all popular content categories) doesn't mean they are an easy target to engage. In fact, it's the opposite. Not too long ago, buying content around sporting events attracted mass male audiences. Today, men are spending far less time watching TV and more time with video games, the web, and their mobile devices.» 0 Comments