Sunday, March 25, 2012
      • Parliament To Uphold Privacy Injunctions The Guardian

        This week, the joint Commons and Lords committee is expected to recommend that Britain does not need a privacy law as it simultaneously upholds the granting of privacy injunctions. It will, however, recommend in its report that gagging orders should routinely be served to websites like Facebook and Twitter as well as newspapers. The cross-party panel of MPs and peers was set up to examine the balance between privacy and freedom of expression in the wake of the Ryan Giggs scandal.

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      • 'FT' Low On Google+ 1 Count; 'Mail Online' Gets Most New Media Age

        Despite having the most followers, the Financial Times has only a weekly average of 670 Google+ 1 recommendations for its content while The Sun, which has no Google+ page has 827 +1s. Research also shows that, despite ranking fourth in terms of followers with 35,490, Mail Online gets the most +1 recommendations, at 10,493. Improving search rankings is the main attraction to Google+, publishers say.

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      • A First: Publishers To Account For Digital Sales The Australian

        Although it isn't mandatory to reveal the numbers, Australian publishers will have to start reporting digital circulation data in May, following historic changes to their audit rules. The figures will show unduplicated sales for digital as well as print editions of newspapers and magazines. The Audit Bureau of Circulations members there voted on the media sales reporting changes, which are the most significant since auditing began in 80 years.

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      • For First Time, Sales Of Games Surpass Video BBC

        The Entertainment Retailers Association said sales of GBP1.93 billion in 2011 made the gaming industry the country's biggest entertainment sector. Sales of DVDs and other video formats totalled GBP1.80 billion, while music pulled in GBP1.07 billion. By comparison, over the whole of last year, games accounted for 40.2% of the entertainment market, video for 37.6% and music for 22.2%. Total sales in 2011 for games, video and music fell year-on-year by 3.3% to GBP4.80 billion.

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      • Smartphones Boost Out-of-home Reach M&M Global

        Smartphone owners are the most responsive to out-of-home advertising (OOH) with 74% interacting with it at least once, according to new research from CBS Outdoor. The Interactive Europe study of 9,000 consumers across six European countries found that 51% of people are more likely to pay attention to OOH than any other form of advertising, rising to 56% among smartphone owners. It also appears to be boosting mobile commerce, with 32% of smartphone owners going online to learn more about a brand after seeing an OOH ad and 20% purchasing a product as a result of an OOH ad.

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      • 'Telegraph' Mobile Apps On Horizon The Telegraph

        The iPhone and Android apps will offer live news, financial data, football scores, etc., with picture galleries and video. UK subscribers will gain access to Premier League highlights from ESPN to watch goals as a match is played. Homescreens will be customisable as well. Print and iPad subscribers to the newspaper will enjoy the apps free of charge.

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