TV Everywhere: Almost Everywhere, But Not Yet For Consumers

TV Everywhere has many TV networks and content providers euphoric about new business growth. But how does this translate to consumers? No one has figured out how to market this to consumers industrywide, on a broad scale. ...More

  • 'American Idol,' 'Dancing With The Stars' Still The Reality Giants To Beat

    Much has been said these last few months about the precipitous ratings slide Fox's "American Idol" suffered this year, and the recent decline of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." If you accept current audience measurement systems as accurate they would indicate that both shows suffered double-digit drops, with "Idol'"s loss coming in as high as 25%. To which I say, "So what?" ...More

  • Coupon In A Booklet, With A Deal, Best Restaurant Ad

    According to a research initiative by the National Restaurant Association and LivingSocial to study consumer perceptions related to restaurant operator marketing practices, among restaurant operators who had used various marketing communication forms to prospective consumers, 94% rated TV ads very or somewhat effective by the largest proportion of respondents, beating out email effectiveness by four points. ...More