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Super Bowl Ads Still Impact, Ask Betty White
As the oft-nauseating frisson about Super Bowl ads is maybe two weeks away, it's hard to recall a spot having more of an impact than the Snickers gambit last year. Not for the candy bar, mind you, but the favor it did for its star Betty White.» 0 Comments
Broadcast Still Ad-Attractive, DVR Could Be Helpful
Broadcast television -- the most at risk because of its reliance on ad money -- continues to attract high-spending marketers even as ratings drop.» 0 Comments
NFL Leaders Hold Enormous TV Power
The most powerful men in America next year could very well be Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith. Why? Because American can't do without the NFL.» 0 Comments
Sunflower Nixes Nielsen, Happy With Rentrak
The president of Sunflower, the country's 68-th largest broadcaster, ended its relationship with Nielsen and rolled the dice with Rentrak -- and never looked back.» 0 Comments
Kerry Waffles, Retrans Burns
John Kerry has displayed a wishy-washy attitude as he leads Senate oversight of the spreading carriage disputes. It's an issue that threatens to impact broadcast TV for years to come. Kerry had a hammer, then simply put it back in the tool box.» 0 Comments
Research Differentials Frightening For Stations
New research from the Collaborative Alliance Set Top Box Think Tank reveals wide swings between Nielsen and STB ratings from Rentrak.» 0 Comments
Comcast Must Court Olympics, Part of NBC's Legacy
When Comcast was considering purchasing NBC Universal, one of its advisors urged the cabler only to do the deal if it would embrace the future of broadcast TV. That guru, News Corp. COO Peter Chernin, said he told Comcast head Brian Roberts to only spend the billions if you can "fall in love" with NBC.» 0 Comments
Southern Lawyer Advertises In 3D
Who says all the breakthrough ideas come from Madison Avenue? Consider the creative gambit out of Stanville, Kentucky, population 500, from an enterprising lawyer. He's using 3D TV spots to advertise his law firm.» 0 Comments
TWC, Sinclair Battle For Retrans Turf
For broadcasters, the dollars coming from pay-TV distributors to carry their programming is becoming a narcotic and in danger of impairing judgment. There is a turf war emerging; it's marked by greed and threatens to derail an ecosystem that could have a long-lasting impact on the business.» 0 Comments
Fox's Nesvig Reflects On Ad Landscape
With complex algorithms for calculating ROI and brainstorming about multiplatforms and multiple touch points, Fox's Jon Nesvig says research has partly trumped relationships, but handshakes are still key.» 0 Comments
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