OMMA Display In LA
September 29 – October 1, 2015
New York City

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  • Tuesday September 29
    OMMA Premium Display
    Know Your Audience - It's Crucial

    By providing insight into which segments have the highest lifetime value, which have the highest propensity to convert, and which tactics (channel, frequency, creative, etc.) produce those segments with the greatest efficiency, attribution enables you to optimize your spend for each distinct audience. More»

    OMMA Premium Display
    Some People CAN Be Bought

    Audience Buying is aggregated, analyzed and optimized via demand side software interfaces and algorithms. While it includes RTB it also includes non-RTB methods and buy types such as Facebook Ads API and the Google Display Network. It also implies the use of multi-sourced data signals to inform targeting and optimization decisions. More»

  • Wednesday September 30
    Tune In To The Right Channel

    Is “Programmatic TV” what TV needs? Is there something “broken” here? Let’s set the table, not just on the state of “Programmatic TV” but on defining terms and exploring what data and digital-driven approaches are most worth media buyers’ attention. More»

    Hit Play On a Whole New Revenue Source

    OMMA Programmatic Video will cover the art and science of marketing and advertising utilizing Television and Digital Video, and will explore innovative new video ad formats, enhanced video targeting technologies, online television, multi-screen tactics and more strategies which Agencies and Brands are enacting. More»

  • Thursday October 1
    The Power of Programmatic Is In Our Hands

    The fastest growing channels for human communication in this century (mobile, social and video) ran on parallel tracks for years and then finally converged. Most social network interactions and digital video consumption now occur on the signature personal communications device of the 21st Century. What does this mean for marketers?. More»

    Programmatic Finds Its New Maturity

    Programmatic media buying is a tactic, not a strategy. But as these disciplines mature, they now access consumers at various points in the funnel and reach into social, mobile, video, and display channels. How are buyers placing (and budgeting) open, private, and directly automated buys in their marketing ad mix? More»