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This year, we've packed Advertising Week with our newest and most popular shows. With over 300 events to choose from, we've simplified the process by combining marketing's most important topics with its most discerning speakers. All you need is OMMA.

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Featured Speakers
Tuesday September 27

Explore the art of the programmatic deal. Plus: buy side imperatives, creating better ad experiences, the pros and cons of in-house work, publisher header bidding and the migration of programmatic platforms to TV sales.

Wednesday September 28

Video is the content most brands want to distribute everywhere. We'll present experimental new ad formats, enhanced targeting technologies, multi-screen tactics and some exclusive strategies from top agencies and brands.

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are changing the way we experience everything from movies to art to sports and beyond. Find out how marketers will benefit from the immersive possibilities both offer.

Thursday September 29

To speed social media's evolution into the chief part of an organization's approach to marketing, meaningful results need to be proven. Get the inside word on how best-in-class marketers are measuring social campaigns.

In the world of online customer service, a single bad experience can be fatal in the long run. Chat bots - when done right - offer incredible value to marketers: they're the latest way tech is refining consumer-company interactions.