September 26-27, 2017Princeton Club, New York City

Ashley Evenson

Ciceron Digital Media Group Director, Emerging Media and Ad Solutions

With over twelve years of experience, Ashley Evenson is a thought leader in the ad tech market in Minneapolis. She is the Director, Emerging Media and Ad Solutions at Ciceron Digital Media Group, and specializes in programmatic and data advertising. As the digital industry has evolved, so has Ashley’s career; she has worked for Inergize Digital and Brandpoint and has proven the value and importance of using programmatic strategy in ad campaigns through these roles.

Ashley understands and focuses on the 360 landscape of programmatic advertising by using her experience from both the agency and publishing perspectives. This makes her and Ciceron a leader in the programmatic world, offering a new point of view to clients that helps take them to greater heights in the world of programmatic strategy, ad tech, monetizing strategy, and beyond.

Although the digital industry is ever evolving, Ashley has always been a steadfast start-up enthusiast. She believes that with anything she does, “honesty is the best policy,” and it is in her, and her client’s, best interest to be transparent through every process. She strives to do what is fair and successful for Ciceron’s clients, believing that will lead everyone to greater success.

Meet Ashley at:

Panel: Can Robots Fix Programmatic Creative?
Date/Time: 10:45 AM

The technology behind programmatic advertising is improving all the time. Add bots to the stack and suddenly campaigns are learning how to target, test and optimize on the fly, at scale, and in real-time. While advancements in automated marketing should be game-changers for brands, the fact remains that technology can’t do everything. Only humans can turn stacks of laser-targeted tech into a conduit for richer customer relationships by creating stories that appeal to real people. After all, humans still interpret context better than robots—at least, for now.

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