September 26-27, 2017Princeton Club, New York City

Manny Balbin

SheKnows Media SVP, Advertising Solutions

Manny Balbin is the SVP of Advertising Solutions and provides the leadership that drives advertising product strategy and innovation leading to business growth for SheKnows Media. 

Manny was formerly the VP of Publisher Operations at Yieldbot, responsible for managing Yieldbot’s premium publisher relationships.  He led the publisher integrations and account management teams to successfully deliver on technology and revenue commitments to top comScore publishers. 

Prior publisher tenure also includes years spent serving Interactive Corporation (IAC) and Liberty Media properties.

He has extensive experience and knowledge of end-to-end digital media operations having held roles in product management, revenue operations, and solutions engineering.  He is focused on maximizing revenue by bridging the gap of digital media spend and performance on premium publisher content, leveraging custom advertising technology solutions and developing successful business relationships.

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Activating on People-Based Targeting: Where’s The Media?
Date/Time: 11:15 AM
How are media companies outside of Facebook and Google creating or assembling assets that talk to the same person across screens and channels? How are the various partnerships and conglomerations of media that enable the proliferation of people-based addressable data able to help buy-side customers zero in on the right person? How important is second or third-party data to these companies, and to what extent does a proposed universal identifier for programmatic media change the game for them?

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