September 26-27, 2017Princeton Club, New York City

Austin Denny

PMG Advertising Agency Audience Product Manager

Austin Denny leads the audience science group at PMG, which directs clients’ global audience strategy and the development of PMG’s industry-leading Audience Management Platform. In his role, he also works closely alongside product teams at Google and Facebook to drive progress on audience-targeting capabilities across media channels.
He brings 10 years of experience in behavioral analysis and integrated marketing, ranging from national intelligence service to Fortune 100 strategy formulation. His current focus is on closing the gap between customer data and media performance data, creating deterministic attribution models that can accurately influence future targeting efforts.
Prior to joining PMG, Austin worked in the public sector and led a team of joint-service linguists and intelligence analysts to combat terrorism. He holds multiple degrees in business and anthropology.

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Panel: Data, IDs, and Machines: Can We Solve for Cross-Channel, Yet?
Date/Time: 1:30 PM

If identity graphs and ID matching can really bring buyers and sellers to the 1:1 Promised Land, and programmatic systems and machine learning can test, predict and optimize campaigns against identified segments at scale, then the future surely belongs to cross-channel marketing…right? But when you pair first-party, people-based identity data with second and third party programmatic technology does that necessarily empower and enable cross-channel data to flow freely?

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