September 26-27, 2017Princeton Club, New York City

Sarah Anne Spaulding

Macy's Social Media Manager and Chief Content Editor

Sarah Anne Spaulding is a Social Media Strategist with over 7+ years of experience in social media and content strategy in both traditional and digital media with a focus on influencer marketing. Her experience on large and small-scale integrated campaigns for 17 of Macy's private label brands has provided her with an understanding of the space where public relations, influencer marketing, digital and social media complement one another in today’s ever evolving marketing landscape.

Meet Sarah Anne at:

Panel: How to Evaluate Influencer Campaigns
Date/Time: 1:30 PM

Is influencer ROI an oxymoron or an achievable metric? With influencer payment rates all over the map and all marketers held to greater accountability, how are brands solving for measurability here? We ask several experienced influence campaigner to speak from example and share their recent cases.

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