September 26-27, 2017Princeton Club, New York City

Kabeer Mamnoon

Ready State Co-founder, CEO

Kabeer helps businesses succeed by crafting and delivering lean, effective, fast marketing that builds demand and drives business. Before co-founding Ready State, Kabeer served as a senior vice president of strategy at MRM McCann, where he led a team that advised clients on marketing strategy, digital strategy, and innovation. He previously was a strategy consultant at PwC Advisory, and as part of an incubator group within Oracle, he was involved in the technical and operational aspects of starting several key technology businesses. Kabeer has an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School and a BS in computer engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Meet Kabeer at:

Panel: Can Robots Fix Programmatic Creative?
Date/Time: 10:45 AM

The technology behind programmatic advertising is improving all the time. Add bots to the stack and suddenly campaigns are learning how to target, test and optimize on the fly, at scale, and in real-time. While advancements in automated marketing should be game-changers for brands, the fact remains that technology can’t do everything. Only humans can turn stacks of laser-targeted tech into a conduit for richer customer relationships by creating stories that appeal to real people. After all, humans still interpret context better than robots—at least, for now.

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