September 26-27, 2017Princeton Club, New York City

Dondre Green

Bronx Narratives Publisher

Dondre Green is a Bronx, NY native. As a multimedia artist, he's a firm believer in unconventional methods and paths which is a testament to a lot of his experiences thus far. Outside of photography, he enjoys exploring new places and seeing his ideas translate to something physical. He also runs an online publication centered around highlighting positive things in his community called, Bronx Narratives.

Meet Dondre at:

Panel: Inverted Influence: Reach vs Accessibility
Date/Time: 3:00 PM

Some industry watchers think influencer marketing needs a dramatic rethink, away from social media stars that deliver massive reach towards smaller micro-influencers, claiming the Web’s biggest stars are now just as inaccessible to regular people as Hollywood celebrities, making them (ironically) less influential. Is there really an inverse relationship between reach and accessibility when it comes to celebrity in America, and is that something you can measure?

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