September 26-27, 2017Princeton Club, New York City

Chris Mancil

Electronic Arts Global Director, Community & Influencers

Chris Mancil has been managing player relations and gaming communities for over 17 years. He is currently the Global Director of Community & Influencers for Electronic Arts where he leads relationships with players, including social media influencers, YouTubers, and Streamers across all HD platforms.

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Keynote Interview: Influencer Marketing a ‘Game Changer’ for EA
Date/Time: 1:00 PM

With 1,500+ members spanning its breadth of titles across devices and platforms, Electronic Arts already operates one of the largest and most sophisticated influencer marketing programs you will find anywhere—and yet, earlier this year, the gaming giant told investors it was planning to shift even more marketing spend away from traditional media towards its influencer program for the foreseeable future. In this keynote interview, Chris Mancil, Global Director, Community & Influencers, will walk us through EA’s “Game Changers” program, revealing how and why it has been such an unmitigated success for the game publisher.

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